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While other celebrities posted BTS photos of their Golden Globes prep on Instagram this Sunday, Jennifer Lopez casually dropped a picture of herself doing it in a swimsuit

“#SelfcareSunday ✨🤍✨ @jlobeauty” the 51-year-old actress simply titled the casually gorgeous photo Darin JLo wears a white swimsuit with a diving front and belt. The sides are cut past her belly button and her bum looks great

And yes, fans of the multi-hyphenation symbol have definitely noticed “You discovered the fountain of youth When will you share it with the rest of us? 😜” one person wrote, “HOW ???????? ? ” someone else mixed up a “treasure trove of sharpness and beauty – LOVE YOU,” wrote another

Of course, the Marry Me star made it clear that she’s working hard to look so good by going through intense workouts and a strict diet for her to see all of JLo-y

Dodd Romero, the coach for “In The Morning,” told O, Oprah Magazine that JLo’s usual core workout starts with a set of 50 hanging abs, 50 crunching ropes, and 50 incline sit-ups on a 45-pound plate. After that first set, she does 35 reps each, and then does 21 oh my god

She also trains almost every day and tells us Weekly in 2015 that she “rarely skips a workout” “

JLo is also very good at eating “Everything is fresh,” trainer Tracey Anderson told People. “Nothing is processed – just [protein powder] in a shake if we have a protein shake one day”

JLo “also stays away from processed foods and gets their nutrients from whole sources,” Romero told US Weekly about her favorite pastimes: egg whites, white meat turkey, chicken breast, and grass-fed beef
As for that booty … trainer David Kirsch, who worked with JSee, Byrdie said that sumo lunges help the singer and actress get a tight and tight bum (sumo lunges are basically squats that you do performing a roundhouse kick to the side) “It’s the perfect maneuver for bum shaping, hip flattening, and lower half shaping,” he said. “It targets the outer thigh and can help lift the bum, which is two problem areas for many women seem to be “

Jennifer Lopez

World News – USA – Jennifer Lopez, 51, just showed off her tinted booty in a new swimsuit Instagram Pic

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