Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff declared victory in his race in the Georgia Senate against the incumbent Sen. David Perdue, Wednesday morning, and Chuck Schumer, chairman of the Senate minority, said the Democrats had taken control of the Senate after Ossoff’s growing leadership and Raphael Warnock’s victories as Republican hopes waned in Georgia, despite Ossoff’s race not officially being called and the GOP candidates have refused to admit

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff on Jan. December 2020 in Stonecrest, Georgia (Photo [] by Paras Griffin / Getty Images)

Ossoff, who is currently Perdue with approx 16000 votes from 9 a heads EST Wednesday thanked the Georgians for electing me in a speech to the United States Senate

“I look forward to serving you with integrity, humility, and honor in the United States Senate,” said Ossoff as he recognized his Senate victory

Schumer released a statement in which he stated, “For the first time in six years, Democrats will have a majority in the United States Senate – and this will be a very good day for the American people”

“Senators-elected Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff have run world-class campaigns and will be stellar senators for Georgia,” said Schumer, promising that the Democrats will provide “much-needed help” to the American people if they control the House Senate and Presidency

Ossoff’s race against Perdue has not yet been called up by the Associated Press or most other major media outlets with the exception of Decision Desk HQ

The Associated Press has predicted that Democratic compatriot Warnock won his race against incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler

President Donald Trump appeared to acknowledge that the Republicans lost control of the Senate on Wednesday morning, even though he still refuses to allow his own elections against President-elect Joe Biden. “THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND, IMPORTANT, OUR COUNTRY, THE PRESIDENCE NEEDS MORE THAN BEFORE – THE POWER OF VETO, “tweeted Trump

Neither Perdue nor Loeffler have conceded their races yet, and Loeffler said early Wednesday that she would “keep fighting” in the race. “We’ll take care of that,” she said. The Perdue campaign released a statement at 2pm, the Wednesday said Wahl “would take time and transparency to ensure the results are fair and accurate,” and pledged to “mobilize every available resource and seek legal action”In the end, we believe Senator Perdue will win,” the campaign said

The Georgia Senate runoff elections will determine the fate of the Senate Should Ossoff’s victory become official, both Democrats and Republicans will each have 50 Senators, with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris giving Democrats a narrow majority as a tie

In Georgia, votes are still counted The New York Times estimates that by early Wednesday morning, there was still about 73There were 000 votes to count. Many outstanding ballots are in democratic areas that are expected to be favorable to Ossoff and Warnock However, there are also military and foreign ballots that can be returned by Friday. Should either race end with less than 0.5% of each other, the losing candidate can request a recount

Warnock beats Loeffler in the Senate race: “I’m going to the Senate to work for all of Georgia” (Forbes)

I’m a New York-based breaking news journalist for Forbes. Previously, I wrote politics and news for Vanity Fair and Mic, and I’m a theater critic as a

I’m a New York-based breaking news journalist for Forbes. Previously, I wrote politics and news for Vanity Fair and Mic, and as a theater critic, I’m a member of the New York Outer Critics Circle. Follow me on Twitter @ alisond64 or contact me at adurkee @ forbescom

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World news – USA – Jon Ossoff and Chuck Schumer declare the victory of the Democrats in the Senate elections in Georgia with the race to be called