WASHINGTON – A judge banned the leader of the Proud Boys from the country’s capital after he was accused of destroying a Black Lives Matter banner in a historic black church and found high-capacity firearms magazines, when he was arrested

The order prohibits Henry “Enrique” Tarrio, 36, from entering the District of Columbia, with very limited exceptions, to meet with his attorney or appear in court. It occurs a day after his arrest when he appears Protests arrived in Washington planned by supporters of President Donald Trump to coincide with the Congressional vote expected on Wednesday to confirm Joe Biden’s election victory

Tarrio was arrested Monday by the Metropolitan Police Department and charged with burning a Black Lives Matter banner that was torn from a historic black church in downtown Washington last month. He has been charged with property destruction and is being charged also charged with gun charges after officers found him with the gun magazines when he was arrested

According to the criminal complaint, when police overtook Tarrio on the arrest warrant for destroying the Black Lives Matter mark, officers found two unloaded magazines with the Proud Boys logo in his pocket, each with a 30 round capacity for AR weapons in 15 or M4 style

Tarrio said, according to a police report, that he is selling the clips and the ones he was wearing were bought by a customer “I had a customer who bought these two magazines and they were returned because they were fake Address acted “Tarrio said according to court records” And I contacted him and he says, “I’ll be in DC” so I say, “Okay, I’ll bring them to you” So that I can show you evidence I can show you how my bills and the like, and like the USPS shipping label type ”

He was arrested in a tunnel near the Capitol, before major right-wing protests are likely to gather in D. According to Tarrio’s online postings: “The ProudBoys will be on the 6th January appear in record numbers, but this time with a twist, “saying they would spread incognito

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World News – USA – Judge bans Proud Boys leader from Washington, DC.after the arrest

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/judge-bans-proud-boys-leader-washington-d-c-after-arrest-n1252906