Kevin Greene, the great pass-rusher and Pro Football Hall of Famer who coached Jets head coach Todd Bowles as the external linebacker for two years, has passed away. He was 58 years old and no cause of death was known given

“It’s extremely sad to hear of Kevin Greene’s untimely death,” said Christopher Johnson, Chairman and CEO of Jets. “A lot of people know the Hall of Fame linebacker, but after I’ve worked with them for two years, know me another side of him.He was fun, caring and a great teacher who loved the game and all of its players whom he often referred to as his children.He loved the lessons the game taught you about you and the life I speak for the entire organization when I say he was a good man who is missed “

The prickly, ever-smiling Greene was one of the NFL’s great quarterback hackers.Whether he wore his blonde hair short and unkempt in style or long and flowing with the suggestion of his future pro-wrestling personality, he was never far from straying from Overturning blocks and edges to put the powerslam on the man in the pocket

He played with four teams for 15 years, collecting 160 sacks in regular season, the third highest in NFL history, just behind Bruce Smith’s 200 sacks and Reggie White’s 198. He is the only player in league history with double-digit sacking times for four Teams He picked up another 85 sacks in nine post-season appearances with a total of 17 games

Greene was perhaps best known as a pro bowler and all-pro for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1993 to 1995, including their Super Bowl XXX team. He also did the Pro Bowl with the 1989 Rams and the ’96 and ’98 Panthers He also played the 1997 season with San Francisco between his two stints in Carolina

“You can’t be soft, play the barrel hard at the point of attack You have to be a mean, physical guy so we have to be able to stop the run and control blocks

“Two, you have to be able to cover like a big strong security And then we have to rush the passerby like a big defensive end

“This is a very difficult job description, and you need to be able to do all three phases at a high level equally. You just can’t do either of them well and suck on the other two. That’s how it doesn’t work in my humble opinion it’s the most difficult position in terms of defense, point apart from none “

For his exploits on the field, Greene received a number of off-field awards. Topping the list, he was also a member of the 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame class and was also named to the Hall’s All-1990 team and was a member of the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame class from 2002

After retiring as a player after the 1999 season, Greene turned to his third career as an NFL assistant coach (after attempting World Championship wrestling late in his career in his second career) He didn’t win a Super Bowl ring as a player, but he earned the trinkets and title that came with being a linebacker coach with the Green Bay XLV championship team.He also trained with the Panthers and after a brief hiatus from coaching he moved to Bowles’ third and fourth staff with the Jets in 2017 and 18

“He loves the game,” Bowles said at the time, “He trains how he plays He was an intense player, he’s an intense coach Kevin is like Hulk Hogan and Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage”

“I love football,” Greene said after hiring “It’s good to be back on the field I’m addicted, I’m an adrenaline junkie I’ve missed that energy so it’s good to go back to be “

One of the members of the current Jets affected by Greene’s coaching was LB Frankie Luvu, who joined the Jets in 2018 as an unoccupied free agent from Washington State

“Coach Greene called me and the first thing he said was to trust the technique and the basics and ‘I’m going to teach you boy you are going to see the field,’ said Luvu.” The first day when When I got to work I bowed my head and stayed humble “

Luvu has turned this advice and its technique and fundamentals into a three-year career as a Green & White employee in defense and specialty teams

Greene’s memory will live on, even if his loss will grieve his immediate family, as well as his extended family, which includes Luvu and all the young players he describes as “my children”, for whom he “does everything” for me can lift them up as a coach to make them the best damn players they want to be “

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World news – USA – Kevin Greene, the great sack and influential assistant coach of the NFL, dies at the age of 58