I want you to read this sentence extremely carefully as I mean every word I write right now:

I would agree, but apparently few can hear it even though Curry is currently set to 11

Curry put in another exceptional performance Thursday, scoring 40 points in 37 minutes in Golden State’s win over Orlando Magic. He now averages 30 points per game while shooting 49 percent off the field, 435 percent from out of the bow and 93 percent shoot at the free throw line

This stat should be known – it is almost identical to that of his unanimous MVP season I claim it’s the best offensive campaign in modern NBA history

The main argument against Curry as an MVP is that the Warriors are a mediocre team

Or, as Charles Barkley said on TNT Thursday night, “We all love Steph, but the warriors stink”

He’s not wrong. But why doesn’t Curry get credit for that? I say Curry’s missing teammates are a big reason he’s the MVP

Last year the Curry-Free Warriors finished with the worst record in the NBA. If Curry isn’t on trial this year, it’s easy to see how it did

If Curry weren’t already a two-time MVP, if the Warriors weren’t the 2010s dynasty, would such a turnaround be celebrated?

While his teammates – specifically the Warriors second unit – do everything in their power to lose games, Curry is poised to win Golden State. He has Golden State two games over 500, two games back from home advantage in the first round of the playoffs without Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, a Draymond Green who can score double digits, or any real centers at the moment

LeBron James has Anthony Davis Joel Embiid has Ben Simmons Durant has Kyrie Irving and James Harden Nikola Jokic has Jamal Murray

No insult to the Oakland legend deserving a contract in the big league of the Warriors, but when Curry goes down the track with a two-way player that tells me something about no 30s sideline

Teams that struggle when their best player isn’t on the pitch are the norm in the NBA. But that kind of fight? On some evenings it feels like Curry is playing against the opponent and his own team

On Thursday night Curry was up against a team where the Warriors had nothing to do, a plus-16 Eric Paschall, who only plays with Curry from the floor, was minus 22. This is not about highlighting Paschall, who is playing injured and has made a solid contribution to the Warriors this season – it’s just an attempt to highlight what Curry is up against. He’s got to bring his A game every night or the Warriors lose and even if the A game comes up, they could still lose – a by-product of the roughly 10 minutes he’s off the field

The problem is, so many people out of the bay seem to have it for him that or they purposely don’t know what he’s doing this season

The standards he faces are ridiculous. LeBron may be 16th in the NBA Place in the rating, ninth place in the templates and 28 Take up space in the ricochets for a defending championship team that plays against opponents and doesn’t have the best record in the conference but is still hailed as an MVP front runner. Curry can perform at a historic speed – he’s the only player in NBA history who was shooting at the 500490 has averaged 30 points per game – with less talent and only one first vote in ESPN’s MVP straw poll published on Wednesday

He’s a great player of all time – the best shooter who ever lived – and does great things of all time. He’s dragging these unforgettable warriors to victories and putting them right in the middle of the action in a stacked western conference

And if that’s not good enough, I’m not sure we’ll be watching the same games

In fact, I wonder if the experts, influencers, and flavor makers out there – the people who make national narratives about things like the MVP award – even see the games

Steph Curry

World news – USA – Kurtenbach: Steph Curry is currently the best basketball player in the world

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