Lamar Jackson ended the 2020 regular season with a bit of NFL history Jackson was the first quarterback to land multiple seasons from Jan.Had 000 or more rushing yards He set the NFL record with 97 rushing yards against the Cincinnati Bengals

Jackson finished the regular season with 1005 Rushing Yards It was his second straight season that he exceeded the mark when he finished 1st in 2019As a result, the Ravens defeated the Bengals and took a trip to the NFL playoffs

The Ravens will play the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Wild Card round this coming weekend. The matchup will play the Ravens against the AFC South Champions, who have had an 11-5 season

Jackson paid tribute to his teammates for achieving the NFL milestone. He noted that several people are responsible for his success on the field

“It’s part of football,” Jackson said. “I don’t know about the record-breaking part, but our offensive line did a great job and our setbacks helped me a lot – receivers blocking the field and tight ends theirs Get the job done It’s a team record, and not just my hats out there to everyone who’s on the offensive ”

The Ravens have made their move in the past few weeks Jackson has regained his momentum after experiencing intermittent issues this season.He has executed eight touchdowns in the past three weeks and the Ravens enter the NFL playoffs with a winning streak of five Play

Raven head coach John Harbaugh is delighted with the huge improvements, noting that the Ravens have been in a tough spot for the last few weeks of the regular season, it has been almost a win or a home game every week, now he’s ready for the playoffs and the Prospects for a deep run in January

“I like where we are right now,” said John Harbaugh. “I love where this team is right now, I love it when we go to the playoffs at this point in this scenario I’m excited about it”

Jackson understood he had to show up and do plays. He stepped up his rush down the track and the Ravens returned to a more even attack. Jackson had 43 transfers and 336 yards in the last four games
As a result, the Ravens scored at least 35 points in three of these games, securing No. 5 seeds in the playoffs

“Our team – we knew what was at stake for us,” said Jackson. “There was a lot of focus, all phases just played their bums off. We still have room for improvement”

While Jackson downplayed the NFL record, his teammates understood the scale of the performance every yard was needed to give the Ravens a chance at a Super Bowl appearance this season

“For him to do that, it just shows how spectacular he is,” said Raven’s outstanding recipient Marquise Brown “He can do it at all stages of the game I’m super proud of him”

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Jackson will attempt to continue against the Titans at 1:05 p.m. on Sunday, ET in the AFC Wild Card round

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