Mid-season the Raiders were looking for the playoffs but losses to the Chiefs, Chargers, and Falcons all contributed to Silver and Black not making it into the postseason

“We’re obviously sick it’s over,” said head coach Jon Gruden last night. “We didn’t expect to lose this game last week”We felt like we could beat the chargers We had the Chiefs late in the game on Sunday night We need to learn from these things We need to improve our pass rush in the fourth quarter We will look at all the things we need to do later

“But one thing this team knows is that they will compete. They have won six games on the road I think it’s very unusual for teams to take to the streets and win six times in Raider history.” So there are many positive things to say ”

The last time the Raiders won six games on the road was in 2016, when Silver and Black took a spot in the playoffs

The similarity in the final games of the season quickly shows what the Raiders have to work on

While the away games were different this season and there was little or no audience, it’s still a different place, a different atmosphere and somewhere the team is not at home

The fact is, the Raiders won six games on the road. It’s not about travel or venues, rather, the problem is that Las Vegas makes critical mistakes on the field

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World News – USA – Las Vegas Raiders have won six games on the road this season

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