CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – It turns out millions of people around the world have seen a video showing a man without a mask where a hit occurred here in Elyria, Ohio with a twisted tea after a patron made a racist charge

Police were not called to Circle K on Broad Street on Christmas Eve and no charges were filed, causing 19 News to blur people in the video

The video caught the attention of celebrities like Rex Chapman and Snoop Dogg and inspired people to create memes and mashups about the racist and violent incident

“We have looked at similar situations with the school system in Elyria It happens and it is wrong It should have been handled differently It is what it is We are Elyria,” said Dana MaCaree, a grandmother of a biracial grandson, on Tuesday

“So where are you from?” “Elyria” “Oh, I’ve never heard of it”” Have you ever seen the Twisted Tea video? “

In the full video, the white man repeats the n-word and continues to hurl profanity at the black customer

“What? Will you hit me with this “asked the white man” hit me hit me, n-word! “

Then the black guy hit him in the face with the twisted tea before landing on the floor and throwing more hits at him

The entire video is about two minutes long (warning: it’s graphic) and appears to have been shot by another person in line that night

Kaleb Gregg, Cashier at Circle K, said he was unable to comment on the details of what happened that night, but said he does not want it ever to happen again

“To be honest, I never want to see him again. I don’t like that,” he said on Tuesday

Others condemned it outright, with some saying the attack was unacceptable only because of the racist utterances

Twisted Tea Guy

World News – United States – Man who was beaten with twisted tea on Christmas Eve in Elyria, Ohio after using a racist slur in a viral video ( Graphic)