There are many reasons Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons were as popular as Amy and Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory.But most importantly, as a couple in their mid to late 30s, they have proven that there really is someone for everyone there even if it takes you a little longer to find it

But Bialik’s new sitcom, Fox ‘Call Me Kat (where she and Parsons are executive producers), goes a step further.Based on the critically acclaimed BBC UK original series Miranda, Bialik plays Kat Silver, a math professor, who plays hers Quits job at the University of Louisville to open a cat café after her father dies Nearing the year of life, finished being unfulfilled in life But being “unfulfilled”? on Call Me Kat doesn’t mean being single (And as we’ve all found out over the last year, is there anything more fulfilling than spending your days with animals?)

Being single isn’t a big deal to Kat, although her mom would give Sheila (Swoosie Kurtz) her left arm to watch her daughter fall in love and get married.It’s a tired thing, but a lot of single 30- and 40-year-olds still have to deal with it

Refreshing, however, is the way Kat deals with this pressure so as not to think again about her wanting to fall in love and be with someone because it feels good, not because she missed a timeline for it’s her no matter when it happens, as long as it’s worth it. As she tells her mother, the only label that matters to her is rad cat lady, not sad cat lady

In the first episode, which will be released on Sunday the 3rd On January 23rd, which aired, Kat attended her best friend’s wedding, which was as awkward as it was enjoyable.She invited a plus, but was then told that she could only bring a date if she was in a serious relationship (sigh) So spent she spent the rest of the 22 minutes keeping the trick going

In the last episode, which was published on Jan. January is broadcast, after that the show stays permanently on Thursday evening, Kat finds her stand, even if the situations in which she finds herself are somewhat unstable.There is the crush (Cheyenne Jackson) who doesn’t quite reciprocate her feelings, and the possible Date who is already married to But Kat accepts the inconvenience for what it is and prefers to focus on what lies ahead

â ???? We show a character who is not lonely, “Mayim Bialik says to Glamor It is a show about a woman who tries to be happy with what happens along the wayâ ????

That’s what Call Me Kat gets refreshingly right “It’s not so much that she’s uncomfortable with dating,” says Bialik. She’s uncomfortable with the expectations placed on her I think a lot of people will resonate with itâ ????

Kat isn’t Emily Cooper, who wanders Paris in high fashion, or Daphne Bridgerton, the incomparable season preparing to meet the Queen.It’s okay if she did, of course, but it’s beautiful too to see a comedy with someone more like my real life

“We’re showing a very unconventional woman, and I miss seeing women like that on TV,” says Bialik. I grew up admiring quirky, multi-faceted women and comedies who weren’t afraid to be silly and sloppy and Pratfalls I am really grateful that we are showing a woman who has everything of herselfâ ????

Jessica Radloff is the West Coast editor for Glamor you can follow her on Instagram @ jessicaradloff14

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Call me Kat

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