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A new couple is in town! Hours after her Harper’s Bazaar cover was released, Megan Thee Stallion announced that she’s dating rapper Pardison Fontaine

Hot Girl Meg went online on Friday (February 18) to connect with her Instagram followers while chatting with fans, she took the opportunity to address negative comments about her new boo

“I don’t like some things on the Internet,” said rapper “Cry Baby” “People don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, they just say something I didn’t like what they say about Pardi [son Fontaine] wanted to ‘Cause he’s so calm and sweet and very you know This is my boo and I really like him! “

Throughout her career, Megan has led a fan base of women also known as “hot girls”. “She previously stated it’s a hot girl” if you don’t apologize, have fun, be confident, his truth is alive and the life of the party is “However, during the live she had to clarify something to a fan that said she was acting like a” simp “:” I never said hot girls can’t have friends “

Megan’s message comes after she implied she had a “boo” in a reflection post shared on her birthday “I’m healthy, I can take care of myself, my friends, the & family, love me, my boo loves me (he’s mad at me but he still loves me), and Beyoncé loved me, “she tweeted at the time,” I’m just happy and blessed, lol ”
The Houston star’s appreciation for Pardi coincides with his public admiration for her and her beauty, the songwriter is known for commenting below pictures of Meg and has even shared a few on his Instagram story

“You are not going to play with my husband,” the lyricist “Savage” said during the IG Live session “He does not harm anyone Yes, he is my friend He probably blushed in his life Okay, let me off But yes , stop playing with him ”

I’m healthy, I can take care of myself, my friends & family love me, my Boo loves me (he’s mad at me but he still loves me) shiddd Beyoncé loves me, I’m just happy and blessed lol

Pardison Fontaine

World News – USA – Megan Thee Stallion confirms she and Pardison Fontaine are dating

Source: https://www.revolt.tv/news/2021/2/19/22291738/megan-thee-stallion-pardison-fontaine-dating