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Last week, your Miami Dolphins traveled west to take on the Las Vegas Raiders. Again, Fitzmagic came off the bench to help the Dolphins miraculously get a win, it was a game we were on the way Had to continue to a playoff spot This week we need the win again to secure a place in the playoffs, but the team will come off the bench without their “prize hitter” as Ryan Fitzpatrick tested positive for Covid this week and You are no longer allowed to play in the playoffs game or you can even travel with the rest of the team to Buffalo

Whether you think he’s ready or not to be the full-time guy, this week the Tua Tagovailoa show will be no matter how the game goes, and Tua will be asked to take the offensive throughout the game and either score another victory or go down with the ship It’s time for the kid to show that this is and will be their team! This is not a normal game of course, this is the main game this team has played in for at least 12 seasons. If Miami wins they are in the playoffs. If they lose, they need someone else’s help to lose, and you want your fate never left to others

So the Dolphins come into play with obviously more at stake than the Buffalo Bills, but the Bills still have a reason to fight for that victory.The Bills currently hold second place in the AFC playoff seeding you must have Secure the Victory to Hold Second Place in the Playoffs With a loss and victory for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Bills lose their second sowing to the Steelers The second sowing no longer guarantees the team a bye week, but it guarantees the team it holds that it has a home advantage at least in the first two games of the playoffs

This game for Miami will again be a match of the best defense against the opponent’s strong offense The Miami Dolphins lead the NFL on points allowed per game, which is an average of 188 points per game in contrast the bills average 23 to 26 points per game On the offensive (and sometimes also on the defensive) the Dolphins achieve an average of 25 points2 points per game The bills averaged 29 points66 points per game

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World News – USA – Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills: Live thread & game info

Source: https://www.thephinsider.com/2021/1/3/22210562/miami-dolphins-buffalo-bills-live-thread-game-information