After the rockets went all-in with the tipless smallball, they all went out on Friday to land their nearest center and reach their ultimate goal, Piston Free Agent Christian Wood

The Rockets agreed with Wood and the Pistons on a $ 41 million sign-and-trade deal over three seasons, two people with knowledge of the deal said ESPN was the first to report the deal / p>

Wood will be part of this week’s deal where the Rockets sent Trevor Ariza and the first round of Trail Blazers in Wednesday’s draft to the Pistons for future selection for the first round

The Rockets coveted Wood as the centerpiece of their off-season retooling due to a variety of skills related not only to playing with starguards James Harden and Russell Westbrook, but also to hoping the offense would work out Trainer Stephen Silas

can develop under new conditions

Wood, a 6-10 center-forward with a 73-inch wingspan who blossomed when he got strong enough to play in the middle, quick-buckled the shooting range to set the desired distance between the missiles and theirs small lineups create season, especially for Westbrook

He’s also a high profile pick and roll threat and a finisher who should work with Harden.He averaged 15 points per pick and roll possession, the most among players in the NBA last season, who were the Rollman in at least two pick-and-rolls per game

He also showed the ability to attack remaining stock as last season progressed with the pistons, coming to the edge from dribbling and finishing well with a mix of length and strength

This variety of skills and the ability to switch defensively made Wood an obvious fit for the Rockets and the most compelling choice to work in a center-crowded class of free agents

What is less certain is whether the addition of a center that started making its way to the Pistons list at training camp last season and featured in five teams and two G League teams over four seasons would help Convincing Harden and Westbrook would be well served to stay here

The risk is that Wood became such a coveted free agent with just one impressive season and that the Rockets will have to fill out the list of minimal contracts or trades for free agents

The Rockets got back into luxury tax for a second time this week, having $ 9 million for being under contract with nine players, excluding the undrawn free agents who agreed to deals this week with the deal with Wood The Rockets effectively exchanged Robert Covington for Wood and two first-round draft picks within five days

The Rockets attempted to trade Wood in February before withdrawing after close of trading, which dramatically improved his free hand equity position

Wood, 25, averaged 131 points and 63 rebounds in 214 minutes per game last season.He started when he switched to the grid after trading with Andre Drummond averaging 219 points and 94 rebounds as a starter in 56 percent of his shots, 408 percent of his 3s when attempting almost four 3-pointers per game

Wood was fired from UNLV in 2015 when he was a slender 20-year-old with a suspicious shot.He signed with the Rockets Summer League team but was injured and not playing.His improved strength was always an effective finisher and made it possible him to get a better position to score Next came his shooting range

That made it one of the best centers available, but during the opening hours of the free agent market, the centers grew rapidly, with many going to the butts to make it harder for the missiles to track wood, but also less so make likely to return to Detroit, where he was enjoying his breakthrough season

With so many centers – Meyers Leonard, Derrick Favors, Mason Plumlee – all deals worth about $ 9 agree to the 3 million medium-level exceptions the missiles have to offer, there was a growing potential that there was room that the missiles don’t have, or a more complicated sign and trade deal for anyone to land wood

Leonard, a potential missile target depending on how things turned out, was one of the first to hit a deal that was unlikely the missiles would launch there, but the price the heat took to get around Bringing it back, $ 20 million over two years, could have set the market for other centers to pursue

Although the Heat will bring Leonard back with one Bird exception, he ends up a contract worth roughly the equivalent of the larger mid-level exception, starting at $ 9 million which could cost the overhead of signing other free agent – Increase centers

Later that night, Derrick Favors agreed to a similar deal to leave the Pelicans and return to jazz and his previous role as Rudy Gobert’s backup at The Clippers Center Montrezl Harrell, the former Rockets draft pick and the sixth man of the year in this season, agreed to a full mid-level deal to walk down the hall and join the Champion Lakers

The price of centers became apparent when Plumlee, another potential missile target, jumped from nuggets to pistons for $ 25 million over a three-year period

By then, the pistons seemed certain Wood had moved on. The missiles made sure it was for them

Jonathan Feigen has been the Rockets’ beatwriter since 1998, and a basketball nut since then, before Willis Reed hobbled for Game 7, he became a sports writer because the reporter who was supposed to cover the University of Delaware basketball team decided to get one instead Another season to play college lacrosse, and never looked back

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Christian Wood

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