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At UFC 260, Francis Ngannou has his second chance to claim the UFC heavyweight title when he challenges Stipe Miocic again for the title of “Badest Man on the Planet” In their first fight, Miocic survived an early flash from Ngannou and dominated then the remainder of the fight with his superior wrestling and cardio it was a brilliant performance by Miocic that cemented his claim to be the greatest heavyweight in UFC history.But it was also a valuable learning experience for Ngannou

“I had two different feelings about this fight,” said Ngannou Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. “Firstly, I was obviously very upset and disappointed that I didn’t win the fight than anyone fighting for the title wants you go out victorious But to be honest, I’ve always been looking into this fight since the day of the fight, right after the fight I watch it and now I think, “This is good” I learned too much in this fight because I, even though I was on the level and was fighting for the world title, I still have some missing parts in my game and in my experience”

“I remember wondering and saying,” Okay, how does it look to go in three laps? “Basically I went into potential five rounds and never been in three rounds. How was it like, what is it like to prepare for this type of fight? I had a fight like six weeks ago so I had a lot of questions. Then I followed up this fight: “Okay, I see ‘”

On the way to fight, Ngannou’s lack of experience was one of the big questions for forecasters Ngannou was 6-0 in the UFC at the time but had only fought for a little over four years and had no athletic background. Looking back, Ngannou says he could see how much he didn’t know when he went into that fight

“Yeah, a very quick climb,” Ngannou said. “I didn’t spend enough time in the octagon to have this experience. Although it’s been almost four years since I’ve done the sport, I don’t have enough time in Spent octagon to have this experience I think in one night I covered more than what I spent in the octagon for the rest of my career

“Some people come here after they’ve had a long athletic life, maybe wrestling, maybe another sport in school, college, but I never got this stuff. Growing up I just found my way to survival and Then found myself in a place I had never been to so the experience was just insane ”

Looking back, Ngannou says he can see how differently he fought when he lost to Miocic and how he had to expect it to get back to where he is now

“For the Stipe fight, I think I’ll hurry to the first round,” Ngannou said. “Now I think,” Damn, I had five rounds. Why should I hurry and run out of gas? “When I look at this fight, I see this fight, I see that the guy looks like me, but I don’t recognize myself because I don’t fight that way. I look back at other fights and it looks like two different people the kind and the way I fought was a bit calm I pushed the fight forward and threw myself into the fight If there is an opportunity, my opponent will be the first to attack most of the time. But this one I just fell in. I should have calmed down ”

Since preparing for his loss, Ngannou has drawn a tear and knocked out four opponents in a total of 2 minutes and 47 seconds. Now he will get the chance to get revenge on Miocic next month, an opportunity he is on Has been waiting for some time

“I knew it was going to happen,” Ngannou concluded. “It was frustrating, the wait, all of these things uncertain, but I knew it was going to happen, guess there is only one thing that makes it possible to fetch Your ass to the gym, work out, get out there and win the fight, get a title shot. Someday it will happen. ”

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Francis Ngannou

World News – USA – Morning Report: Francis Ngannou ponders the loss to Stipe Miocic before the rematch: ‘I haven’t spent enough time in the octagon to have the experience’

Source: https://www.mmafighting.com/2021/2/10/22276016/francis-ngannou-reflects-loss-stipe-miocic-i-didnt-spend-enough-time-to-have-that-experience