Nate Sudfeld, usually Philadelphia’s third quarterback, has entered the game This is Sudfeld’s first game action since week 17 of the 2018 season

It’s an odd decision by head coach Doug Pederson, considering his team only lost 17-14 to Washington in the fourth quarter

Hurts is 7-of-20 and passes with an interception for 72 yards but has 34 yards on eight carry with two touchdowns

There is still 12:35 in the game. If Washington leads 17:14, the soccer team wins the NFC East

When you have three quarterbacks, you have a big problem going into the off-season

Doug Pederson clearly hates the Giants more than Washington does. All of those tweets likely didn’t help New York

Another perfect example of why Peterson sucks as HC I understand your team is out of competition but you add your 3 Don’t string QB if you’re trying to piss off a team that is playing for the playoffs on your home turf

It’s hard to blame the Eagles for their QB youngster rating, but man, I hate it when teams do this when it makes such a big difference in the playoffs

Sorry NY Giant Football Team, the WFT is going to be in the playoffs it seems

7 of 20 ?? This is not yet a starter material. He can cause a little excitement, but has he proven himself to be a competent passerby? He throws a lot, but the total percentage is more. In fact, it’s worse than Wentz!

Peterson should be canned for his use of his QB room alone. Give Your Future qb Hurts A Few Votes From The Trusted Coach

It’s sad the Pederson doesn’t play to win He has a young QB (hurts) to develop and instead plays a Nobody Without a Shot to be anything in that league Pederson should be known as a Shamster! Notice I don’t have a dog in this fight, I’m a GB fan Just disgusting right without trying to win the game !!!

Is there a reason he did NOT use Carson Wentz in this situation? or do the giants really not want to win the east?

That’s weird. It looks like Washington had more to offer than NY. Imagine Dallas waited for the result. Your fans are way more rabid

It’s absolutely amazing
What are you doing well there?
Will you rate a QB in a quarter?
Not to mention giving your future QB a chance to win a game and kick a team out of the playoffs to build some momentum for the next year

The Eagles are playing for the draft pick and believe that the 6th Pick is better than 9th Pick That would explain the questionable game calls and taking out their best active QB

Why did Pederson replace Jason Hurts or replace Carson Wentz? Is he trying to fuel the game?

It’s not up to another team to make sure another gets to the playoffs or to win the division, it’s up to them

They are doing this to keep their high choices (and to be one step ahead of my cowboys) to get an edge in design, it’s obvious

I’m afraid the NFL took a few steps back in that game tonight
It’s been a totally insane year with all the Covid-19 problems and players missing games, but to actually get your quarterback on the bench, who had more of a legitimate chance of winning a game well, things are different these days but that was just a sad thing pretty obvious to anyone who is a soccer fan

First off, I think it was awesome refueling, but really? What will the Giants do about it next year?

I’ve never seen an NFL team treat a regular season game like it was a crush This was an embarrassment for the NFL It was probably the most grotesque thing I’ve seen in all of my years in NFL football Then they jump on the 4th and 1 on the side Washington had no intention of cracking that ball then they tried scooping a fumble instead of falling on it Just a total lack of coaching and discipline I’d expect the owner to clean the house I’m not a fan of any of the teams involved, if anything, I’m a fan of Ron Rivera. I don’t really like the giants either. I only speak as an NFL fan, or even an American sports fan. That was gross to watch

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