The 2 March marks the National Read Across America Day So grab your favorite book and celebrate the joy of reading

The National Education Association (NEA) launched National Read Across America Day in 1998, National Today declared that the day coincides with the birthday of children’s author Dr Seuss

The simple but important purpose of the event is to celebrate reading and keep children interested in it. In addition, the event is a great way to promote compassion and promote inclusion through reading, the NEA said

“NEA’s Read Across America is collecting inclusive stories for kids across the country to find themselves in a book. Join in so everyone can enjoy reading,” said Marley Dias, founder of # 1000BlackGirlBooks, NEA

People can celebrate the day by revisiting their favorite book, starting a new book they haven’t read, throwing a reading party, or starting a family book club, no matter how you choose to party, even if you consider yourself theirs Dress up your favorite book character, National Read Across America Day is the perfect time to show your love for reading and perhaps get others to start their own reading habit

Let’s check out some quotes to read this Tuesday that will inspire you to pick up a book courtesy of Celadon Books, Bookroo, and Goodreads:

The Little Books Library encourages people to put books in mounted wooden boxes that others can take away for free Photo: pixabay

Read Across America 2021

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