[Warning: The following contains the major spoilers for the premiere of the third season of New Amsterdam, “The New Normal”]

Medical Director Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) is working hard to get the supplies he and his staff need It is required to connect with multiple hospitals to get a chain going. His: Drugs for Weaning Dr Kapoor (Anupam Kher), badly hit by the virus, out of the fume cupboard But even then, “World’s Best Cardiac Surgeon” would not be enough, he warned Gut that he only has this person on the speed dial: Say goodbye to San Francisco , Dr Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) It’s time to get home

In the meantime, Dr Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) and Cassian Shin (Daniel Dae Kim) hit the pause button in their budding relationship and she is not ready to step in again even if they get to the other side of the pandemic

David Schulner: That wasn’t in our plans at all. We knew Reynolds was going to San Francisco and we knew we wanted him back in New Amsterdam because he’s part of our family we didn’t know how to get him We had some ideas and when COVID happened we all tore up our plans, as did the rest of the country.This brought Reynolds back in a way that felt organic rather than playing with people. It was a real one heartfelt way – and not forever just to help Kapoor

How much is Sharpe and Shin’s break on them and how much has the pandemic affected them as individuals?

Peter Horton: That’s a “yes and ” One of the most important things we talk about this season is how to heal from the pandemic How do you get back from that and rediscover a new normal? How do you rediscover your humanity at this point? Those people who were on zero point – the real people at Bellevue Hospital that these characters are based on to some extent – went through the epicenter in the spring and kept going through it, and what a toll that takes on them means and how do they heal and how do we heal all?

That happens through things like Sharpe’s relationship with Cassian Unknown, she just doesn’t know how to be vulnerable in this way after everything she’s been through. What does that mean for a relationship all systems would otherwise have gone into? That’s below everything we’re seeing this season

Max and Sharpe have this moment to discuss last season. How has the pandemic affected the plans for their relationship?

Schulner: We definitely wanted to address that moment, we knew we owed something, and then the pandemic happened.As you can see through the Montage, almost a year has passed and all our plans were thrown back into the air Max missed the his daughter’s first birthday, the anniversary of the death of Georgia [Lisa O’Hare] The Max and Sharpe moment you are talking about literally fell at the bottom of the list of things our doctor had to do when New York went to The center of the pandemic became

I know people wanted to see this scene and we wanted to write this scene, but everything has changed and pretending it wasn’t a bad service to the characters and the show the audience doesn’t have to worry – there will be many Max Sharpe moments and scenes and we will keep exploring their relationship. It changes and develops and grows deeper and deeper with each season

As the hospital moves forward of pandemic patients, Shin is back to just call me if you need me. ”How is that going to cause him to clash with Max this season?

Schulner: Shin actually bumps into some other characters that you might not have expected.Everyone assumed there was going to be an explosion of Max-Cassian, possibly because Sharpe was in the thick of it, but we hope everyone’s expectations to undermine

Horton: Cassian is a wonderful portrayal of both the cockiness and self-importance of a trauma surgeon, along with a full-bodied character to get around it.He bumps into people.He has a very open and even aggressive approach to the way he does his job must to be a great surgeon that will inevitably cause wonderful friction – drama is based on friction – with a range of characters

Bloom [Janet Montgomery] admits she missed the worst of the pandemic and helped her patients, even if she just held her hands as they died, does her addiction matter to how she feels?

Horton: All doctors will have that under all. We all have it, frontline workers or not, but especially the frontline workers. The funny thing about a series as opposed to a movie is that you can carry all of your characters’ experiences into the present moment The fact that Bloom was addicted and has an addicting personality, whether we say it openly or not, is part of who she is and how we know her That is going nowhere But it’s not the focus of this year for her it all includes but is not exclusive

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