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Reporting on the impact of the coronavirus on the sports world

No 3 Ohio State leads No. 9 Indiana 7-0 after a quarter, but it didn’t look like it would be a close game for long after Indiana was forced to back off on its first possession of the game, Ohio state responded fast The first game of the game for the Buckeyes offense was a 65-yard pass for Garrett Wilson The second game was a 10-yard touchdown pass for Wilson

Just like that, it was 7-0 and Indiana would be forced to stab one more time, however this time Indiana’s defense would make a game The Hoosiers lived on sales all season and picked up Justin Fields to get the ball back it was Fields’ first interception of the season, but it wouldn’t be his last of the quarter

The fields would also be picked up at the end of the first quarter, but the problem is that Indiana couldn’t do anything with it either. It turned the ball back down the first time and went three and off after the second turnover

Ohio State are a tough team to beat and you need to take the chance it offers you. So far, Indiana has not been able to CBS Sports with you all the way, updating this story with the latest from the game Keep it locked here for live updates, highlights, and more on Saturday afternoons

From @ESPNStatsInfo: # Indiana’s defense has seen multiple interceptions in all five games this season The 5 multi-interception games are currently the most in the FBS this season

Another Indiana sack brings Ohio State to 2nd and 18 Place, and a holding call with the Buckeyes brings her to 3rd place and 18 Place sloppy game

A mild face mask penalty against Indiana gives the Buckeyes 15 yards free and they are already on Indiana territory

Jerome Johnson Interception! Hoosier Defense With Another Big Game To Stop Ohio State OffenseOSU 7, #IUFB 0 | 2:54 1Q pictureTwittercom / 7XHkA5Udcn

Fields’ pass is tilted, rocked, tilted again and finally intercepted. Bad throw Indiana takes advantage of the

Justin Fields looked great on his first two throws today and has not looked so hot since

And they confirm that it was incomplete as everyone at the booth says it’s a fumble Nobody knows anything!

You are reviewing a piece that was found to be incomplete but possibly a fumble Penix ‘arm was hit while throwing I think it was a fumble

Still can’t get over that hit from @ Jproctor_2018 🔥🔊 Sound up on this @ OhioStateFB fans 🔊 ImageTwittercom / RFe5Np7gs2

The second sack of the season for @ cjones1_ helps force a punt in the state of OhioOSU 7, #IUFB 0 | 7:02 1Q imageTwittercom / nfuGk6O3eu

The Hoosiers have their first big game! @IndianaFootball picks up Justin Fields for the first INT of the season from Buckeye QB BildTwittercom / NcdhNMywq1

The Hoosiers have their first big game! @IndianaFootball picks up Justin Fields for the first INT of the season from Buckeye QB BildTwittercom / NcdhNMywq1

Man Fryfogle drops a pass that would have been an easy first descent. He was wide open in sales on Downs

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