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It’s the end of an era for Caillou, but no one complains.Yesterday, PBS announced that the long-running children’s series was canceled after 20 years on the air.While kids may mourn the loss of the animated series, parents sure aren’t: Immediately after the announcement, parents flocked to Twitter to celebrate Caillou’s death. One particularly cheery viewer put it this way: “Caillou was a bad ass, mf” You can’t argue with that!

It is possible that PBS was aware of the general animosity towards Caillou when the network unceremoniously sent the show off, “We’re saying goodbye to @cailloudhx, but keep this in mind when we say goodbye to anything “tweeted the PBS Kids account on Tuesday afternoon” It just means we have something new to say! “The account was then linked to a resource page that explains how to respond if your child’s favorite media disappear

Caillou was born on Jan. First premiered on PBS September 2000, the animated series revolves around a precocious boy who embarks on various adventures with his friends and family, including his sister Rosie, mother Doris, father Boris and cat GilbertCaillou ran five seasons and 144 episodes until 2010 when it eventually went into syndication on PBS

Despite its popularity with kids, Caillou seems to have developed some adult critics over the years, and after PBS’s announcement, they wasted no time cheering over the cancellation, “OK, but why did Caillou’s parents never tell him “I hate Caillou so much that I don’t care if he goes,” wrote another, “He’s a little brat to step on.” asked one spectator to shut up when he had those stupid tantrums must ”

I hate Caillou so much that I don’t give a shit that he leaves a little brat to step on

Good Caillou got canceled Stupid Caillou and his fucking lightbulb basketball hot air balloon Baldass Little tearful ungrateful crybaby ass If I saw Caillou I would keep him busy #Caillou BildTwittercom / f53xfRKbTm

In case you’re part of the minority group who doesn’t hate Caillou, here’s some good news: The kids’ series can still be streamed on Amazon Prime Video


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