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This is an unfounded rumor The barrel depicted in the logo was used to hold soda crackers that were sold in general stores that is the origin of the name

Cracker Barrel said the curve in its logo was a common calligraphy flourish used in the logos of many brands

The Cracker Barrel restaurant chain has served Mediterranean cuisine since it opened in Lebanon, Tenn, and sells rocking chairs in their old shops in 1969

However, several posts across social media claim that the company’s name and logo refer to a slave owner’s whips and the barrels in which they were stored

“Cracker was a slang term for whip,” says a Facebook post that shows the company’s name and logo. “This is why black people called white crackers, from the crack of the whip. A cracker barrel is a barrel where the whips are for sale in the country store Do you see the whip from R to K? Racism on your face !! “

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Merriam-Webster defines “Cracker-Barrel” as an adjective that indicates the friendly, home-made character of a country store. Dictionarycom defines the term as “from or suggests the simple rustic informality and directness necessary for life in and around the.” Country store characteristic is “

The company’s name and logo refer to kegs that were used to store soda crackers, like saltine or common northern crackers, not whips

“The portion of the logo referenced in social media posts is a flourish used in the calligraphy of the logos of many brands,” the company said in a statement emailed to Cracker Barrel rejects racism and discrimination in any form “

A 2018 article by Southern Living also explained how the company got its name, the phrase was inspired by the kegs of soda crackers sold in general stores across the country, according to the article, with visitors sitting around them around to get the news of the day The logo shows a man sitting in the chair and leaning on the barrel

Photos of old newspaper ads support this. A picture shared on Twitter shows a 1913 ad from Oklahoma’s May Bugle with the crackers Another, from the 1965 Newton Daily News, shows the “general store era” of cracker kegs

The viral posts may be partially correct as to the origin of the term “cracker” as a racial fraud. Jelani Cobb, a historian who has written on the etymology of some anti-white arcs, told NPR in 2013 that the word is believed to be a shortened version of “Whip crackers” and in the middle of the 18th Century was used as an insult against poor whites who handled cattle with a whip

Cracker Barrel was charged with racial discrimination in treating black employees and customers A 2004 investigation by the US. The Justice Department found the chain violated civil rights law in treating black customers in restaurants in seven states. Cracker Barrel agreed to adopt “effective non-discrimination policies and procedures,” the training course, as part of a consent decree to settle the case improve and make other policy changes

Social media posts claim that Cracker Barrel’s name and logo refer to a slave owner’s whip and the barrels in which they were kept

That’s not true, the company denied the rumor, saying its logo featured common calligraphy used in the logos of many brands

The barrels mentioned in the name were used in general stores to store soda crackers rather than whips

Essercom, someone wants Cracker Barrel to change their name because they see it as “offensive” 10 July 2015

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