A protest group will hold rallies across the country to demand an end to the “fascist coup” after the attack on the U Capitol of Donald Trump supporters

The RefuseFacism group has “held rallies against the Trump administration” every day until Biden’s election was confirmed “

Now, after the violent uprising by right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists that broke out on Wednesday, the group is promoting rallies in cities like Atlanta, New York, Houston and Los Angeles as “time to stand up” against the “fascist coup”

Promoting one of the protests, Refuse Fascism tweeted: “In #Chicago we’ll meet on Thursday at 5pm at Wacker & Wabash. The leader of the #coup is just going back to the presidential villa? Oh, damn no”

In a statement to Newsweek, the group added: “This was an attempt at a coup this time it is unlikely to succeed, but the risk of a failed coup must be taken seriously and the conditions must be created for them to return sooner or later to take back power – with or without Trump

“What remains is a block of elected officials who see and act as if the Biden government is illegitimate, and an armed street fighting force who on demand dominate the public square. They will continue for their white supremacist, xenophobic and patriarchal Program Fight And they will continue to undermine the concept of truth, leaving tens of millions of people vulnerable to the demands of the demagogues and the most heinous conspiracy theories

“Trump is Still in Power There are 13 days when he and / or his supporters pose a real and present threat to humanity”

Atlanta 5:00 p.m., Piedmont & 10th StCleveland 17th00 a.m. East 55 & Carnegie AvenueChicago 17th00:00 Chicago Trump TowerHouston 1700 a.m. Montrose & WertheimerDetroit 17Midnight Warren & WoodwardPhiladelphia 1700 a.m. City Hall

Four people were killed in the unprecedented attack on the Capitol, including a woman who was shot dead by police

There have been more than 50 arrests, including Vice President Mike Pence, who pledged that the people who wreaked havoc in the corridors of Congress will be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”

Several US, lawmakers have described the attack as an attempted coup sparked by Trump’s divisive rhetoric and frequent cries that he lost the election due to widespread election fraud, as well as his failure to denounce his far-right supporters

“Make no mistake, this was a coup attempt instigated by President Trump. Everyone who has supported and supported him over the past four years is responsible for today’s violence,” said Connecticut Rep Rosa DeLauro / p>

“The 6 January will be a dark day in United States history, but our democracy will prevail against the violent crowd that raided our Capitol. In two weeks, President-elect Biden will take office and begin healing our nation

Florida Rep Val Demings tweeted, “A mob storming the US Capitol to overthrow an election A coup in progress A dark day for America

“But that’s what they always wanted. Don’t let them deny it You will lose We will not be intimidated Democracy will win”

Adam Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican congressman, told CNN, “Anywhere else in the world we’d call this a coup I think that’s it”

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World news – USA – Protests call for an end to Trump’s “fascist coup”, which is to take place nationwide

Source: https://www.newsweek.com/protest-trump-coup-refuse-fascism-washington-capitol-1559682