By Matthew Stevens, James Trefry, Alex Bente, Neil Dutton, Kevin Oestreicher and Robert Sobus
20th December 2020, 12:00 p.m.

By Matthew Stevens, James Trefry, Alex Bente, Neil Dutton, Kevin Oestreicher and Robert Sobus

20th December 2020, 12:00 p.m.

The Jaguars of Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville clash in week 15 Formerly a division rivalry like the Ravens-Steelers, this matchup has lost some of its luster in the past two decades of being split into different divisions, but since Baltimore and Jacksonville likely need a win to keep the coaching team in place for another year, there’s plenty to do in this game

Could this be a disgruntled brewery or will the ravens go about their business and secure a big profit? Check out our Ravens vs. Jaguar’s bottom line predictions below to see what we think will happen

Baltimore should have the game in their hands. They are clearly the better team and are starting to warm up in so many ways.But with so many key defensive players out due to injury this week, Jacksonville has a chance not narrowly but may cause a stir here

Still, I have to go with the ravens with their expert guidance and coaching to get the job done. They desperately need this win and while they’re not as pretty as many would have hoped, they claim their ninth win of the season

The Ravens got a thriller win against the Browns and will most likely have to win their last three games to reach the playoffs, and depending on what happens to Miami, Indianapolis and Cleveland in those few weeks, they could be excluded from the playoff competition will be

The Ravens are playing with a brag and quarterback Lamar Jackson is starting to look like his 2019 self I expect Baltimore to score quick and the Jaguars to be eliminated early from the competition

This Game Should Be Easy Win For The Ravens However, there is no easy game in the NFL and a surprise can come every week Baltimore must be careful not to miss Jacksonville, but they should be able to Curbing Gardner Minshew and his company, although they may have a multitude of cornerbacks on offense, Lamar Jackson should get into the end zone with both arm and legs and do a very good performance against a team that generally does the whole Had problems for years Even so, this is still a must for the Ravens

Baltimore got off to a hot start on the first two rides and took a 10-0 lead after the first quarter. The second quarter is dominated by the defense with a pick-six and two fumble restores

The second half will be the JK Dobbins show With a huge three point lead throughout the second half, I can’t imagine the Ravens wanting to keep Lamar Jackson out on the field too long to potentially deserve an early break for the starting quarterback

The unfortunate Jaguar Defense won’t be able to live with the ravens on site, so Baltimore’s efforts to start the run early don’t go unrewarded by Lamar Jackson, JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards will do most of the heavy lifting, which with some sales from the Jaguar Offensive will cause this game to get out of reach early

The Ravens may have spent a majority of their “mojo credit” on the Browns, or maybe Lamar Jackson really is a magical soccer wizard who is finally able to get incredible victories out of the frozen winter air from behind but with a defense licking their wounds and an offensive that’s boom or bust, we can’t be sure what to expect from the ravens after last week, regardless of whether Baltimore will continue this champion-style fight in the weeks ahead can, and the lesser jaguars that come to town are an important test

I think the Ravens will take care of business as they are the more talented and dynamic team overall, but if they overlook an inferior opponent and play an ugly, buggy game (something they are certainly prone to) this could be Put the game on the wire and let Justin Tucker win again with his excellent leg.It shouldn’t be a nail biter, but I’m not sure we’ll see anything else, so I’ll be taking the ravens close today

Ravens LB Patrick Queen vs. Jaguars RB James Robinson is our key matchup of 15th week

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