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Duke’s program saw something unprecedented on Monday when freshman Jalen Johnson decided to leave the team in mid-February to prepare for the NBA draft

In his farewell statement, he said: “I appreciate everything about my time at Duke Trainer K, my teammates and the program have only supported me this season, especially during the rehab of my foot injury. My family, my trainer and I have the decision Hit not playing for the rest of this season so I can feel 100 percent healthy in preparation for the NBA draft that hasn’t been easy, but we believe it’s for the best for my future.I have nothing but love for the Brotherhood and thank you to my teammates and everyone associated with the program. Duke will always have a special place in my heart and always be a part of me ”

For his part, Coach K said: “While we are encouraged by what we see medically, we believe that this decision for Jalen’s future is in his best interests. We are ultimately careful with each of our players and will continue to support Jalen, as he gets closer to his goal of playing professional basketball he deserves to be perfectly sane for the upcoming NBA draft ”

We have no doubt he will be drafted, but many people are skeptical of his decision. Jay Bilas, who leans back to avoid the impression he is prejudiced against Duke, said, “He’s got a game behind him, where he only played eight minutes at NC State, and it was a game Duke arguably played best in the last game month – essentially without him – and it’s visually very strange to himself now visually unsubscribe But I’m curious what Duke thinks I’m sure they will support the decision. But knowing how basketball works is just a weird thing this time of year ”

His ESPN colleague Seth Greenberg said: “The Notre Dame game is basically questionable and he doesn’t even get to the end of the gameHere’s the thing, there’s a difference between logging out and quitting. When you log out, don’t clear your locker. You see, when you clear your locker, you’re basically leaving your team because he’s part of a group he might say, “I’m signing out because I’m not feeling well”I kind of want to look in the mirror and reevaluate myself” That’s one thing, but you keep your things in your locker room. When you pick up and move out, there is a big difference there ”

His high school career has been difficult since leaving school, attending IMG Academy in Florida, then returning to Wisconsin and another school in the middle of the year only to cancel the season because of the Covid-19 pandemic / p>

Then, fair or not, there were rumors about his time at Duke regarding his luck and trainability

We have no idea about this stuff and only mention it because it is already a lot debated and will surely show up in interviews and press speculation

Johnson is expected to be a lottery pick, but he doesn’t have the normal perks of high choice like decreasing workouts. He may end up in the lottery but as of now he’s on a good footing. First, he needs the “soft” “Refuting label he recorded in his limited time at Duke, and second, he has to convince some die-hard basketball players that he’s committed to seeing how he’s helped himself

For our part we hope he succeeds. When he’s at his best he’s been great He has a great view of the field and can be dominant at times, and we like to see him play like that, it’s fun to see him

But to really reach its potential, we think it needs to mature a bit every year we see people who think they are ready for the NBA and they just aren’t They have no idea how difficult it is Competing with 30 year old men trying to keep a job and having no idea how hard it takes to work to be professional The history of the NBA is littered with people like that

We hope Johnson is not one of them, but he has not yet made a convincing argument that he can live up to professional standards

Jalen Johnson

World News – USA – More on Jalen Johnson’s decision to leave Duke early

Source: https://www.dukebasketballreport.com/2021/2/16/22284910/more-on-jalen-johnsons-decision-to-leave-duke-early-nba-draft-blue-devils-basketball-mike-krzyzewski