XRP gets into the weekend when investors switch back to altcoins The wealth management giant Blackrock sees a future for BTC

Ripple (XRP) price rose on Friday as the coin caught up with Bitcoin’s recent rally, the third largest coin by market cap, up 75% this week and is now valued at $ 22 billion USD

In its XRP market report for the third quarter of 2020 published in early November, Ripple reported XRP sales of USD 358 million (USD) vs. $ 325 million in the previous quarter The company launched its line of credit last month to assist SMB businesses with liquidity for cross-border payments This will take future numbers into account

The project has also added some other highlights with Binance: “XRP put, call and straddle options (long only) as well as lever tokens XRP Up and XRP DownFlare also has an intelligent contract platform for XRP via a“ utility -Fork ”which allows Spark (their token) to be claimed by certain existing XRP holders, which is positive for the XRP community as developers can create smart contracts for new use cases like loans and derivatives, expanding the usefulness of XRP becomes

The price of XRP has risen above $ 0.3000 levels which has proven stubborn this year, testing highs at $ 05175 The medal should come from the media hype over last week’s move When BTC 20Taking out $ 000, a bigger step could develop

Bitcoin hit highs near 19 on Friday$ 000 as investors continue to care about cryptocurrency’s growing reputation as an alternative to gold, BTC has been bolstered by some high profile investor recommendations in recent months, and another one came this weekend in the form of the Blackrock asset management powerhouse The world’s largest money manager has approximately $ 8 trillion in assets, and Rick Rieder, the company’s chief investment officer for fixed income, told CNBC the coin is “here to stay”

Do I think there is a permanent mechanism that could largely take the place of gold? Yeah, I do because it’s so much more functional than passing around a gold bar

Another interesting study on Bitcoin was shared on Twitter by analyst Jesse Felder of the Felder Report He said PayPal has already bought 70% of the new Bitcoin coin offering since it went live

Research is important as PayPal is just beginning to support cryptocurrencies and may be followed by other payment companies who are afraid of missing out

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World News – USA – Ripple Price (XRP) Gains 75% As Bitcoin Close To Highs, LTC, ADA, BTG, Nov. 23

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