More than 10 teams have called the Seahawks to inquire about Wilson’s availability, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport reported Thursday in the days and weeks after Wilson’s public comments about his desire for the Seahawks to join Several areas kicking in in 2021 Thursday’s The Athletic report of a rift between Wilson and the Seattle coaching staff only takes this issue further

It seems that Wilson’s displeasure with the Seahawks begins with their resistance to doing things conducive to his success as a passer-by. After Wilson got the season off to a hot start and Wilson took the lead, the Seahawks became after a move back to coach Pete Carrolls Preferences for a more conservative approach downshifted The season ended with Seattle unable to find a decent cruising speed and the Rams on Super Wild Card Weekend fell

Wilson spent a good part of his media tour with Walter Payton’s Man of the Year, talking about his frustrations with his current situation in Seattle, where he believes he’s been hit too often and should be better protected, but also wants to, that Carroll’s employees do the ball in his hands and trust it to deliver. More dropbacks will lead to more pressure, rush and hits, creating a delicate balancing act and a situation where Wilson could be difficult to please

It’s also a demonstration of a highly paid, influential quarterback wielding some of his power, the Seahawks are in no position to rebuild at all Carroll is 70 years old and Wilson turned 32 Nov. No one involved in it wants to reset, and with a more stringent salary cap than usual and Seattle with no first-round selection due to the Jamal Adams trade – another move that’s now is made to win – there isn’t much room for off-season maneuvering

Add in the reported chasm creeping towards the chasm between Wilson and the Seahawks staff, and you have a fascinating, if not worrying, situation in Seattle – maybe even sleepless

Wilson has a no-trade clause in his contract which means that if it got to a point where the two sides had to part ways, if they weren’t handcuffed, the Seahawks would be limited, To Hit A Deal That Works Both Parties As Steve Wyche of the NFL Network astutely noted Thursday during NFL NOW, the Seahawks have seen this type of drama before, and it has almost always resulted in a significant change (think: Richard Sherman to San Francisco or Earl Thomas’ departure) after the next season was over

So we’re probably not on the right track, but that flame doesn’t seem close to simmering yet. We may hear of Wilson’s displeasure for a while before we come to a solution

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