Tonight you will see Pinch Me Dough, Busy Baby, Simply Good Jars and Muff Waders on Shark Tank on Shark Tank Will any of them have a chance to hit a deal at the end of the episode? We’ll have to wait and see, but at the moment each has its own merits and challenges

As is often the case in these articles, we’ll be highlighting each individual product using the links below – just in case you’re interested in purchasing some of them But let’s start with the summary first:

“1217” – A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania chef turns it upside down when he introduces his convenient way of eating healthier meals while empowering everyone to make the planet better. A Lewes, Delaware entrepreneur Trying to secure the batter required to expand their range of stress relief tools A couple of Holstein, Iowa entrepreneurs are getting the party going with their innovative clothing that will keep your drinks cool and your hands free While a Rochester, Minnesota businesswoman on Friday, Jan. MARCH (8: 00-9: 01 AM) shares their no-nonsense solution to keeping babies busy and entertaining (EST) on ABC (TV-PG, L)

Muff Waders – This is probably one of the more unique ideas we’ve seen on the tank in a while – garments designed to take away drinks The title product can carry a six pack cooler in the chest area and has room for other bottles and accessories that feels like something to carry to a late night party with your friends … but can they convince the sharks that this is more than just novelty?

Simply good glasses – This is about offering consumers an alternative to the typical meals sent by post. Here you have healthy salads with high-quality ingredients in sustainable packaging. It’s a cool alternative to many things that are out there, but we provide Imagine that with something like this, the big challenge is to scale it outward, so you have to come up with a good strategy for how things work

Busy Baby – If you’re tired of your baby throwing their spoons and toys all over the place, this silicone mat might be perfect for you.It allows the spoons and accessories to be attached to the mat – they’re safe for babies and more comfortable at the same time for parents worried about clutter

Pinch Me Dough – This is a “therapy dough” designed primarily for stress relief and a welcome escape from the rest of the world. They come in different packages and with a wide variety of scents including sea, sun, bumblebee and spa There could be a value here, but it depends heavily on the pitch

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Muff Waders

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