WhatsApp was arguably the most popular among the three different messaging apps namely WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram, but things could change as WhatsApp is now requiring its members to share their information with Facebook, or that There is a risk that their accounts will be permanently deleted

Well, it seems like some users saw this as a big turn off and are currently looking for alternatives to the once popular messaging app that currently has two things to compare: WhatsApp VS Telegram and WhatsApp VS Signal

While WhatsApp VS Telegram is something people may be more familiar with, WhatsApp VS Signal started launching even more than what is currently the richest person in the world, Elon Musk, touted Signal as an alternative to WhatsApp, as reported by LiveMint who stated, as the billionaire said “Use Signal” as an alleged alternative for WhatsApp

According to an article by Expressco UK, there actually isn’t much difference when it comes to WhatsApp and Telegram when it comes to the quality of the app, however, the article mentioned something that can be seen as a light for Telegram since it detailed that for users whose primary concern is privacy or for users who don’t want to go mainstream, Telegram would be a great choice for them

Is Telegram safer than WhatsApp? For those users whose main priority is privacy, there are some features of Telegram that mainly focus on the privacy of the users How is Telegram app different from WhatsApp? These features include, for example, how Telegram users can receive notifications for other people who are taking screenshots of their messages, and that their own secret chat cannot be forwarded either, which would protect private messages

Elon Musk suggests Signal Private Messenger and that alone is actually a pretty tough selling point, but there is actually another person who suggested this messaging app as well, according to an article by Tech Radar, Edward Snowden himself has Signal as his favorite Messaging tool and even links to WhatsApp named as WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton helped develop the Signal Foundation to advance private messaging

Why is Signal more secure than WhatsApp? Signal’s toughest selling point is that not only is it free, but it’s an open source project, which means that there is virtually “no chance” that anything or anyone can sneak into the code. This particular nonprofit also points out to suggest there is absolutely no ads, no affiliate marketing, and also no creepy tracking

Ultimately, it really depends on the users whether they continue to use WhatsApp, although users are encouraged to share their data with Facebook or permanently lock their accounts for those who have the idea to share their data or be forced to Not liking to share their data with Facebook, there are two other alternatives, Signal and Telegram, which are known to protect user conversations

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