Escándalo! Hilaria Baldwin (36-year-old wife of 62-year-old actor Alec Baldwin) exposed for possibly exaggerating her ethnic roots On social media, savvy fans are discovering what they see as Hilaria’s decades-long attempt to make herself more exotic ‘

Although Hilaria presents herself as a native Spanish speaker in interviews, some people are convinced that she is not Anya Taylor-Joy. They say she has a false Spanish accent, she was not born in Spain and her name is not even real ‘ Hilaria ”

For years, Hilaria has claimed she was born in Mallorca, Spain on countless occasions she made people believe she just moved to America for university, but reports from her old classmates on Twitter seem to prove she was most of the time lived in Boston for her education – along with all of her immediate family

Hilaria’s very American parents recently retired to Spain, but Twitter users have noted that Hilaria often uses her current Spanish population to mislead interviewers into believing they have always lived there

“From?” The host asks – note how HB’s voice picks up and she answers (exactly) in the present: “My family lives in Spain. No accent here either

Hello! I went to high school with her; adulthood and fame seriously changed her: I knew her as Hilary Hayward-Thomas, and she didn’t have a Spanish accent. Whoever she is now, she’s not who she was and me would be lying if I said I don’t mind

I deleted my previous tweet I went to HS with Hillary Hayward Thomas in Boston and she had no accent, was an archetypal northeast prep school we all mythologize ourselves but her pretending to be ESL is a measure of exaggeration, that seems problematic

Hilaria’s cousin said Hilaria was “zero percent Spanish,” and other classmates said she used to have much paler skin and blonde hair. If that’s true, that would match the complexion and hair color of her five children

“I am really surprised when people say that she is fluent. She always speaks in the present; she never uses the past or the future,” said Spanish spokesperson @bee_gato “Her accent is fantastic indeed, but her grammar and vocabulary are really basic. Can anyone find a video of her in another time? “

“She uses super simple grammar,” tweeted @staywemoonbbh, “doesn’t know exactly how to end sentences and speaks pretty slowly”

Twitter user B A Rockford agrees, “Your answers are not complex sentences. You are not fluent or bilingual or a native speaker”

Other experts think Hilaria’s Spanish is passable, but the Spanish accent she uses when speaking English is very poor

Spanish / Catalan Linguist here: Your accent in Spanish is definitely from Spain and sounds Turkish. She may be really good at languages ​​and made the “I grew up there” story to explain how to change your accent in English not cool I think that’s grifty

Following pressure and evidence from online communities, Hilaria sent her own response video to IG today. She sets the record for being born in Boston and says she is “unsure” about the whole thing

Hilaria’s (LONG) statement agrees with the allegations made against her, but fans still think she’s exaggerating the Spanish parts of her identity while saying she had “part of my childhood in Boston and part of my childhood Spent in Spain, “her cousin claims that the time in Spain was always just for holidays. Rest up, Chica

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