Nintendo has announced a new Splatoon game, a new character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a new entry in its Mario Golf franchise, and more on its first major news bulletin in over a year

Under normal circumstances, Nintendo publishes much of its gaming news through semi-annual pre-recorded press conferences it calls Nintendo Directs. Of course, 2020 was not an ordinary occurrence as the pandemic lockdowns across Japan slowed much of Nintendo’s software development (which certainly did not slow down sales impaired)

While Nintendo offered some “Mini-Directs” last year that focus on individual games, it has not had any of its full-length directions since September 2019

However, that series was interrupted on Wednesday afternoon with a massive explosion of game news that will cover much of the next several months, however, at the start of the new Direct, Nintendo was careful that none of its release dates should be considered final due to COVID-19. p>
The Direct started off strong with a surprising pick for the next downloadable fighter to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cast This time around, it’s Pyra, an artificial life form called Blade from Nintendo’s 2017 RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in addition to her sword – if When you are invited to Smash, it really helps if you have a sword – and an arsenal of magical attacks, Pyra can transform into her “sister” Mythra at will, which seems to be an entirely different set of moves

Like other Smash DLC characters, Pyra will perform with her own stage aboard the Flying Dragon Azurda, where many of the other characters from XC2 are in the background, and is slated for a release in March and costs $ 5 if she, like other smash fighters, has a price99

Nintendo also announced a new entry in the Mario Golf franchise, which has been suspended since the World Tour on 3DS 2014 and hasn’t been on a non-portable console since the GameCube in 2003 in Mario Golf: Super Rush, you can play as characters like Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Wario, and Waluigi in a range of laid-back golf games.You can play with a traditional Switch gamepad, or hold the Switch’s JoyCon controllers like a golf club and use the motion controls to kick your ball beat

New to Super Rush are a story mode where you can create a Mii based on yourself to enter the Mushroom Kingdom golf circle as a talented rookie, and Speed ​​Golf, where players play at the same time play through each hole and cross each other across the fairgrounds to take their next shot.It is tentatively set for debut on Aug. June planned

Square Enix gave a first glimpse into Project Triangle Strategy, the working title for a new tactical role-playing game on the Switch to be released in 2022. Immediately after the end of Direct, a demo was available for download in the Switch’s eShop

Apparently aimed at fans of the long-dormant spin-off series Final Fantasy Tactics, the title’s “triangle” is a system based on a certain moral axis. As you play through the history of the fantasy kingdoms at war, you have choices to make that aligns you with one of three philosophies: utility, morality, or freedom. Which of these philosophies you stick to will determine where the story goes and who you can recruit for your army

Longtime producer of the Legend of Zelda series for Nintendo, Eiji Aonuma, was hit on-screen to announce that there is nothing to be said about Nintendos regarding Breath of the Wild 2, the upcoming sequel 2017 hit

“We have nothing to share right now. We apologize,” said Aonuma. “Development is going very well and we should be able to provide you with more information later this year”

As a consolation prize, Aonuma announced that on 16 July 2011 HD remaster of The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword comes to the Switch The original version was on the Wii with a specific set of motion controls that were made “smoother and more intuitive” on the Switch. p>

You can hold two loose JoyCons in each hand, one matching Link’s sword and the other matching his shield, mimicking the old Wiimote-and-nunchuck setup of the Skyward Sword 2011. Alternatively, for gamers who prefer a gamepad or play on a Switch Lite, use a button-based control scheme where you can use the right stick on the Switch pad to swing the link sword in specific directions

Skyward Sword, which Aonuma describes as a test bed for various systems that were later integrated into Breath of the Wild, is used along with a specially designed set of JoyCon controllers made with Link’s Master Sword’s branded color scheme for the Switch shipped

Nintendo ended the show with a long trailer that heralded little more than the existence of the next game in its head-to-head Splatoon series with no gameplay shown, but it did include the player’s options to customize one of the Inkling characters in the game as well as their new buddy, a pet named Smallfry

She then got on a train that took her to the heart of a sprawling city, according to the official Nintendo of America Twitter account, this city is the new environment for Splatoon 3, a “City of Chaos” called Splatsville

Classic major guns appear to be viable in the Splatlands, although their looks appear to be evolved to suit this unique culture.The 96 Gal and Range Blaster look markedly different from what we’re used to, which makes them appear to be more powerful Stand out from other weapons of the same type ImageTwittercom / bdDGpdNp2C

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