Tahar Rahim is enjoying the experience of being nominated for his first Golden Globe on Sunday for his role in The Mauretanian. Kevin Frazier of ET spoke to the French actor virtually about how he is celebrating from Paris, France / p>

Rahim is nominated for best actor in a drama film for his role as Mohamedou Ould Salahi, who was held without charge in Guantanamo Bay Detention Center for 14 years. The film is based on Salahi’s 2015 memoir, Guantánamo Diary Rahim told ET that despite the circumstances this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, he was still grateful and grateful for the experience

“It’s fantastic,” he says of his nomination, “You know, it wasn’t expected and I’m taking advantage of every second I know it’s a shame we’re not in America to meet people and face them Face talking, but it’s all right, you know? It’s great “

Rahim will be watching the ceremony from his hotel suite in Paris and it will be around 4:30 am, his time to announce his award. He revealed how he will celebrate if he wins

“I could have a drink with my friends who are here,” he shares, “And you know, partying, having fun I have a few friends in another room who are waiting to see you and share this moment with you share me so it’s good “

Rahim looks keen for the awards ceremony, showing off his chic navy Louis Vuitton suit, announcing that he also wanted one of his co-stars to take home an award – Jodie Foster, for her role as Nancy Hollander is nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a movie in the film, but Rahim was in disbelief over the legendary actors he is facing for his award. Competitors include the late Chadwick Boseman, Anthony Hopkins and Gary Oldman

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