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The statement from Thursday this week is being pushed aside to wish good luck to a good player and great comeback story

I understand Alex Smith didn’t run all-pro stats He didn’t run Pro Bowl stats most days. Hell, you could argue that his stats from more than a couple of Sundays were utterly memorable I would tell you Grant that these would not fall into the “opinion” bucket – these seem like cold hard facts. This post is not about how to build a case to erect a statue of Alex Smith or the fact glossing over the fact that he didn’t set the quarterbacking world on fire when he hit the field in 2020.No, I’ll save my shit polishing skills for next September, instead, I suggest it be easy to understand from a high enough seat is what Alex Smith did for our team – or better yet, appreciating Alex Smith

First some facts: Smith is releasing a similar back-of-the-sports card line as Haskins’ in 2020:

Still, Washington Football Team was 5-1 at Smith’s six starts and 5–1 when Haskins started saying this is inexplicable underestimated our ability to not only come up with reasons to explain such things, but up to Fighting to death and arguing that our reasoning is correct I mean, come on, it’s 2020, it’s what we do

Strength of Schedule Played Who was healthy when we played WFT Defensive Game Any Season Special Teams Bug Offensive Line Ailments The Magic of Disney (if you know, you know) This gets us probably 1% of the way there what people think about Haskins and Smith and would argue about the inequality of their profit / loss balance even though they are statistically extremely similar

At this point I want to point out that when Smith took over the team, Rivera had little choice, though I painted it as a bold, cerebral call from the head coach It wasn’t like Alex was doing the “Greatest Show on.” Turf “take over when asked to start BarelyWFT was 2-6 when Smith made his first start of the season against the Detroit Lions in early November We were 2-7 immediately after Matthew Stafford led Detroit to a 30-27 win Something changed when the team was “led” by Alex Smith, and it has to be more than just a statistical line

You recall that this was the year Terry McLaurin found his voice.It was the year that Chase Young walked in and demonstrated dominance in the field and leadership in the locker room (the special kind of leadership that only then arises when everyone knows how dominant you are as a player) It was truly the first year of a major rebuilding process as young players had opportunities across the field thanks to the Front Office which politely refused to include available veterans in the active squad (the training team’s invitation to Eric Reid was significant) Do you want real chaos? How about a second year quarterback showing signs of never getting it? How about a head coach who couldn’t last four quarters because he was in the middle of chemotherapy? How about an NFL investigation of the owner into allegations of sexual misconduct? How about one of our highest paid defensive leaders and talents who got injured at the end of the season (Landon Collins)? I mean come on, this season was a train wreck out of gate ZUGWRACK and we all kind of took it as if Muhammad Ali was leaning on the ropes, taking punches and making his opponent tired because we knew what Ron Rivera was doing Having a chance to work A chance

Amid it all, the NFC East sucked in loudly The playoffs – yes, playoffs – were within reach for a completely straightforward 2-5 team This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard since they announced that Washington made Adam Archuleta the highest-paid security ever, and spent some time trying to find lines that I could have used there (the cutting room floor is covered) as Rivera came to Alex Smith, the Washington Football team wanted to stabilize a rickety boat

So yeah, I understand if you take over rickety boats you won’t get statues of yours. It’s not like Alex Smith went into the locker room and said, “Look at me, I’m the captain now. Still, it’s admirable, to keep a sinking boat from finding the ocean floor, and it’s one of the things I’m grateful to Alex Smith for

The NFL is an Injury League Boys Get Injured Regularly More than anything, defines a man’s ability to wake up on Sunday mornings and shake off some pain to align with his teammates on an NFL field, these players we see injuries men weeks , Months, and even whole seasons, and yet so many of them work tirelessly to find their way back to the field despite the egregious nature of Alex Smith’s injury and the life-or-death aspect of complications that result from it Injury surrender, and the anti-adversity (thank you Disney) act of his comeback gives it that trait that you can never tell about players across the league I don’t want to take anything away from other players, but the way Alex Smith does with burgundy and gold has traveled back to the soccer game and onto the field, Alex Smith is eternally grateful

I was lucky enough to watch my team play and win multiple Super Bowls. They are distant memories but they will live forever. Another distant memory before this season? Beat the Pittsburgh Steelers – we hadn’t done it since 1991 before this season which means many Hogs Haven readers had NEVER seen it on a day that will live in shame (in Pittsburgh) turned out to be an 11-0 – Steelers team incapacitated by OUR 4-7 team in Washington Improbable prizes come in all shapes and sizes, and most fans are fortunate enough to experience the sweet taste of an angry victory at some point that the game was made that night of so won many players who were not named Alex Smith but saw a titanium-barred Alex Smith lying on his back after being run over by two Steeler defenders on the backcourt when a ball shot into the end zone and waiting for The Arms by Logan Thomas for everyone but one win – IN PITTSBURGH – is something I am so grateful to Alex Smith for

I saw my team get fit and start Mark Sanchez in a late season game that actually meant something I don’t have much to say here other than to say that Alex Smith is not Mark Sanchez for what I’m grateful to Alex Smith

The road to Canton is not paved with two wiretaps 162 yards from below center (we can probably put this under “fact” as well) In week 17, with an actual playoff spot on the line, a questionable Alex became Smith cleared the morning of the Philadelphia Eagles game The game would redefine the word ugly “Philly’s defense missed nearly half of their starting line-up and hampered the WFT all night”Smith seemed to be aging by the second and started the game as a zippy, one-legged, 36-year-old veteran who nearly died of a broken leg and quit the game as if the main character from Lucas (aka Lucas) had snuck into the game Age 36, and even after nearly dying from previous injuries in the game Did I mention this game is ugly? It slowly turned into a battle for those who wanted to lose more Doug Pederson eventually tore off his second stringers and sent the water boy to play quarterback

When the dust settled and the soccer gods emerged from their crush after deciding that – against their better judgment – they were going to send an NFC East team to the playoffs, both the Washington Football Team and ALEX SMITH We don’t give medals for participation in this column, and we’re not celebrating mediocrity, but the way this man took his final snaps for my team – in a game that required an odd combination of grit and survival who reflected Smith’s own path back to the field – which led to a division title and a playoff spot – is something I’m grateful to Alex Smith for

Looking forward to the path ahead for the Washington Football team after they resolve the Alex Smith matter, I would certainly suggest that it is the outcome I have hoped for and that of the Burgundy and Gold most of all Still, I wish Alex Smith all the best as he continues his career, and I wish him and his family all the best in their future lives.We have seen all kinds of quarterbacking here in DC over the past few decades, and even when it has been decent For some strange, perhaps inexplicable reason, Alex Smith’s quarterbacking brand – where professionalism somehow made up for the lack of flash and mobility – WINS us in 2020

Alex Smith

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