“Much of it came from the heart and soul of Whitney, I know a lot of what you see is what she wanted,” shared Whoopi Goldberg during a cast reunion with EW

As happy as the cast of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella should be again virtually, the conversation couldn’t go on without acknowledging the key actors in the making of the film that we’ve lost over the years to characters like Whitney Houston who both played a fairy godmother for the project in front of and outside the camera

“A lot of it came from the heart and soul of Whitney I know a lot of what you see is what she wanted,” says Costar Whoopi Goldberg of Houston during an EW-hosted cast reunion >

The biggest example is Houston, an executive producer on the film, who selected Brandy to play Cinderella and duet with her on classic songs like “Impossible”

“That was one of the best days of my life, being in the studio and singing with my idol, my angel,” shares Brandy. “It’s just a lovely relationship with Whitney and just to make me fit in Considering it was just amazing because I spent my whole childhood singing and no one could have told me in a million years that I would work with her “

Costar Bernadette Peters brings the viral behind-the-scenes footage to Entertainment Tonight of Houston and Brandy, telling her ex-stepdaughter on-screen, “She moved in with you in this recording studio. She was so encouraging and so smart and so as a mentor fabulous, just fabulous “

“There was a magic about it that I thought I could just be myself,” adds Brandy. “When you work with your idols, you don’t know how to act, but she gave me that Given the feeling of being myself and really giving the character everything I can “

Thinking about their time together during the actual production, Brandy admits, “I was in awe of her in every scene, every scene I did with her I just love working with her, very professional, to the point, but loving and fair. She just really adored me and took me under her wing “

Hearing costar Jason Alexander Brandy talk about Houston, he recalls a time when the young singer bravely shared feedback with her idol, “I’ve been waiting to do something in the recording studio, and you and Whitney have one of the Rehearsing tunes and Whitney put a little beautiful filigree riff on the end of a note and you said, ‘Oh my god please do this’ and Whitney said, ‘Really?’ I mean, she really didn’t know it Heard And it took you to leave: “Please do that ‘”

“And then I asked her to get away from the microphone too so I could be heard,” jokes Brandy. “And you, when you hit your grades, you just move, you know, way back so that she still has mine Hear harmonies So we had nice moments “

Another cast member the group recently lost was Natalie Desselle-Reid, who plays the wicked stepsister Minerva.Her onscreen sister Veanne Cox remembers how she instantly clicked with the actress who had colon cancer last year had died saying, “I met her at the audition. We went into the audition room together and fell in love from the moment we met. And it was, there was never a challenge for her to do anything funny. She was that of Naturally weird person, both on and off screen “

Alexander thinks about his scenes with Reid, Cox and Peters, the Ellas family, as he calls them, and recalls, “They liked a rehearsal, a first rehearsal, a little bizarre scene, and I went, ‘These women did this Below, “They had worked out the family dynamics of how different these sisters were and who took after whom, and it was just a great little comic trio. And I don’t think the three of you had a nanosecond to figure out how you’d do all of this But it was just this very natural chemistry “

Peters agrees and states: “We just appreciated and trusted each other and enjoyed each other and let each other do their little thing”

While not in front of the camera, executive producer Craig Zadan played a major role in the making of the film, “Craig was one of the most influential people in many of our lives,” says the actor who plays King Maximillian, according to Victor Garber, About the producer Garber talks about the legacy of Zadan and his business partner Neil Meron, who were collectively the most famous producers of stage recordings for musical adaptations: “They loved show business, and we need more people like that because we – we have to take many steps taken to return there “

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