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Allen v Farrow directors Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick knew it would be nearly impossible to get Woody Allen on camera for their four-part documentary

The focus is on his relationship with actress Mia Farrow and the sexual abuse allegations made against him by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, which he denies

Although “Allen v Farrow” only contains archival material from Allen, as the historically press-shy filmmaker never responded to the series’ numerous requests, it also includes audio clips from Allen reading his 2020 autobiography “Apropos of Nothing” “in which he happened to bring up some of the topics raised in the series

Dick recalls a sense of relief when he noticed that Allen had made an audio version of his memoir

“I’ve read the book and thought about how we can pick up the book Then I read online that there was an audiobook and I thought it was perfect, “Dick told Insider.” I went to the editors and said, ‘Let’s start cutting this’ “

On the first episode of “Allen v Farrow,” which aired on HBO on Sunday, the audio is used when Allen talks about the first time he met Farrow and his first impressions of Farrow’s children in the future Episodes speaks Allen’s voice on much more sensitive issues, including his disapproval of the sexual abuse allegations

“I think it’s really important because it allows you to hear Woody Allen’s perspective on really everything we’ve covered throughout the series,” said Dick of using the audiobook excerpts. “I met Mia from the start right down to events that happened less than a year ago It’s over a period of three decades “

But what would have happened if Allen hadn’t made an audio version of his autobiography? Dick said there were all kinds of options they were considering, even using a person who might pose as an Allen reading excerpts

“That was on the table,” Dick said of the impersonator. “We also played around with a text-only option. We tried to keep all options open”

“I think you’re definitely getting a very clear perspective on his side,” said Dick of the autobiography excerpts

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World News – USA – The directors of ‘Allen v Farrow’ got Woody Allen to address allegations in the documentaries without ever interviewing him thanks to his audiobook