The director of the new comet-impact Hollywood film “Greenland” said he was trying to become his “own lover” in exploring the science of small bodies in space

“Greenland” will be released as a video direct to HBO Max Dec 18 For the film, director Ric Roman Waugh conducted his own research on the science of comets, spoke to scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and studied to understand better what happens (and what would happen) after a comet hit Earth’s atmosphere

“I was really trying to understand what happened during the last extinction,” Waugh told Spacecom, referring to the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs 66 million years ago, estimated at a width of 10 kilometers

Like many students, Waugh was quick to find contradictions in studying and exploring. He tried to find consensus among experts studying asteroids and comets, but said his views disagreed on how the meteor had affected Earth’s ecosystem / p>

While Waugh wanted to know about comets and the actual effects, he didn’t want the film to go like a documentary “It was a family’s point of view as it was going to play out,” said Waugh of the film’s fictional story, that follows a fictional comet called Clarke that came from outside the solar system

Waugh hoped that this emphasis on that personal, dramatic side of such a clash “Greenland” from decades of earlier Earth-impact disaster films like “Deep Impact” (1998) or “Meteor” (1979)

Without divulging anything, Waugh said he tried to get Clarke, the film’s comet, to follow a plausible trail back to Earth.While a major fragment of humanity is of great concern, smaller offshoots regularly beat through the atmosphere and cause local chaos

The fireballs have serious drama for stars Gerard Butler (“300”, “How To Train Your Dragon”), Morena Baccarin (“Firefly”, “Deadpool”) and Scott Glenn (“The Right Stuff”, “Sucker Punch”) created “) and the young Roger Dale Floyd (” The Walking Dead “) said Waugh

Coincidentally, the film’s actors have some spatial experience, said Waugh Butler starred in “Geostorm,” a disaster film about weather systems that overrun the earth after a satellite network collapses Baccarin played a fictional astronaut / escort in the Western TV room “Firefly” (2002-03) and Scott Glenn – star of the 1983 film “The Right Stuff” – played the real NASA astronaut Al Shepard in the movie about the Mercury room program

While the actors shared space and science fiction experience, Waugh and the actors weren’t really discussing space, he said, but beyond how the characters the actors portrayed would react to their possible deaths. that the film shows a range of possible reactions, from fleeing the inevitable to brave confrontation

“What really intrigued me about the script is that there were two monsters,” explained Waugh. The first was the obvious – the comet, linked to possible extinction. But the second “monster” was more subtle – the different reactions of the Humanity to the impending disaster

Waugh said the coronavirus pandemic had not yet happened after production was finished, but that 2020 showed a range of behaviors when people respond to the pandemic

“We can turn each other on, or help each other and survive,” Waugh said of how humanity responds to a crisis, “2020 was pretty difficult and the disaster was right there, but there were many positive aspects to it [this Year] reminds us of what we are about and that we can keep everything up “

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