It is the month of March – with the hope of spring, flowers in Israel create carpets of red and purple and encourage people to climb the hill and wander through the valleys

March brings back memories of a year when the world began to close for us. No longer a distant, hard-to-name disease, but an immediate threat to life as we know it boy do they have Changed things, but I don’t have to help remind you

For me, this year meant some kind of reassurance, an inward turn, including a lot fewer blog posts. Forgive me dear readers, as writers like to say, but it didn’t seem like there was anything new to share we were There we all know what it is like to face this pandemic as our families, loved ones, ourselves and our own inner pendulums sway with the times disease, quarantine, lockdowns, testing and now the blessings of vaccines with the potential of this storm put an end to it

Nature plays a special role this year March – that day in 1872, Ulysses S Grant signed an Act to Conserve the Natural Beauty of Yellowstone. In doing so, President Grant helped create the blueprint for a vast national park system that Western writer Wallace Stegner once called “the best idea” America has ever come up with

No wonder this happened in March and spring broke through the door and this year the month is more welcome than ever

Take a moment to realize that the freedom that natural beauty offers us cannot be taken for granted.Freedom comes in so many forms – Covid has reminded us as a society, Despite the differences with our political ones Brothers in the US did not make these decisions here in Israel no party line. Most of us took the conservative decision, hoping that our behavior can protect our elders and our less sane people. We adhere to strict rules that – despite them Restricting our personal freedom – aiming to mitigate the deadly effects of the disease.Perhaps it’s because we are a young, small country.Masks and distancing have not become a political choice here and continue to be heavily influenced by our family society

Nature is one of those freedoms that is a god given blessing and cannot be easily taken away.This year it has been a respite for those seeking the freedom to breathe, to look into the distance rather than the social distancing to measure Celebrate the founding of the first US National Park. You can’t set foot on the Israel National Trail yet, but start planning. The flowers slide through and we will show up to appreciate them

Ideas of March

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