In December 2000, WWE aired the Armageddon pay-per-view show that was mediocre at best until the main event when a star-studded cast delivered an unforgettable Hell in a Cell match

For over 30 minutes, Steve Austin, The Rock, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, Triple H and Rikishi took turns dazzling the crowd at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center in Birmingham

The standout moment came two-thirds of the game when The Undertaker – no stranger to hurling an opponent from the top of a cage – slammed rikishi from the top of the cell onto the pine-filled throttle of the back of a truck The Chaos of the Game is interrupted by this point and the camera quickly pans to Austin and The Rock. Both megastars, their faces covered in blood, pause to view the welfare of rikishi and marvel at a scene created by The Undertaker >

“Taker is the guy we would look at in a match if we needed to solve problems or make a difference,” said Paul “Triple H” Levesque. “We stopped several times in that match in Armageddon and watched what he did And you had Austin and The Rock, two guys who were at the top of the world in this business, and both of them were still deferential to Taker. That was a token of respect. ”

Two constants since Mark Calaway created The Undertaker have been the awe and respect he has generated from his peers, and the ability to captivate a lot that will be shown on Sunday night on the Survivor Series, a show that The Undertaker celebrates 30 years

Levesque is now WWE manager and has known Calaway for 25 years.The two have spent several moments in the ring together, from a house show in West Asia to a fight for the Intercontinental Championship at Penn Station, New York, to three bouts at WrestleMania – WrestleMania 17 and WrestleMania do not have locked games 27 and a Hell in a Cell Cage Match at WrestleMania 28

There is a more personal element to their relationship, too. While Levesque’s affinity with the members of “The Kliq” is well documented, he also has a deep bond with Calaway, including asking to serve as best man at his wedding

“When I was with Steph and people were just starting to find out, Taker was one of the people I saw as a lawyer,” Levesque said. “A lot of people were very critical of this, but he was a steadfast, trustworthy voice He really always was for me ”

Fittingly, this happened when Levesque asked Calaway to attend his wedding during a conversation that took place while he was preparing for a match

“We have always been there, so it made the most sense for me to ask,” Levesque said. “I pulled him aside and said,” We have a wedding ahead of us and I would be honored if you were my groomsmen would be “The only people I wanted to ask were the people I considered to myself to be brothers, and the majority of those people come from this business

“This is my life and he is also like a brother of Steph The Undertaker is bigger than life and you can feel that presence in the ring But there is man too and I will always cherish our friendship”

Levesque was in attendance at the vast majority of the Undertaker’s run, witnessing its soaring and massive popularity.He was also familiar with Calaway’s body, leading the Undertaker, now 55, to play a few games over the five years, who stood out for all the wrong reasons Levesque stated that the sight of Calaway questioning himself is especially unsettling, especially given what he’s given the industry

“How can it be in his head?” Levesque asked “He’s the undertaker. The same thing used to happen to Flair and I kept telling him:” You’re the only one here who doesn’t know that you’re Ric Flair”” Whenever I saw this with Taker, I only had one piece of advice for him – and it was, “Remember who the hell you are’ “

Still captivating audiences with the same tenets of character from 30 years ago, The Undertaker will step through the curtain on Sunday night’s Survivor Series, connecting generations of wrestling fans with a style that will forever be unique in wrestling

“I always think of Maya Angelou’s quote about how people always remember how to make them feel,” Levesque said, “That’s the undertaker”

Prerequisite for a pro wrestling retirement is at least one more return. While The Undertaker prepares for his “Final Farewell” in the Survivor Series on Sunday evening and recognizes his 30-year run in the WWE, it is fair to ask if we will ever see The Undertaker wrestling in WWE again Levesque believes Calaway has the right to make any decision that he thinks best suits the Undertaker’s interests

“Someone asked me the other day,” Do I think he should retire? “Levesque said.” I was also asked, “If he stays retired, shouldn’t he stay retired? Will he be back in two years? Won’t that be a mistake?” When it comes to all of that, I can only mine Saying an opinion

“He represents everything amazing about our business. It’s a uniqueness; He’s different from any other character So I think Mark Calaway should be able to do anything he wants. He deserves that right ”

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