The Danish public television broadcaster DR – Denmark’s equivalent to PBS – has an unhappy everyman with an extra long penis, which he uses Inspector Gadget-style to keep his to help daily adventures

“Diller” is indeed the Danish word for penis, so the emphasis on the male sex organ is conscious, although its purpose on the show is definitely asexual, according to The Guardian, the show is intended for children aged 4 to 8 years old and was filmed in 5-minute claymation-style episodes

In the series, John Dillermand is a grown man with a handlebar mustache who appears to be wearing an old-fashioned red and white striped swimsuit and cannot control his extraordinary penis

In different storylines, John tries to do ordinary, everyday things, sometimes with his penis to help him (stealing ice cream from children, hoisting the Danish flag on a flagpole, rescuing a runaway stroller before going into the Oncoming traffic can roll) More often, he finds that his penis is just causing chaos

Critics of the show cite the example producers set by literally showing a man unable to control his penis, The Guardian reported that DR responded to criticism: “It might as well have a program” about a woman with no control over their vagina “can do, and most importantly, children enjoyed John Dillermand”

American parenting and child development expert Dr Deborah Gilboa told TODAY parents she agreed with critics of the show “Children’s TV has a unique opportunity – and therefore a responsibility – to shape the minds of a generation about who they can be and what they can achieve,” said Gilboa

“This is a missed opportunity at best. For the majority of children who will see it, it’s a confusing, needlessly sexualizing message about boy’s bodies. Worse, for a percentage of children this is exploring the genitals before their cognitive development begins accelerate in a way that can be harmful “

John Dillermand

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