BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Brady’s career in the Hall of Fame won’t really be remembered for his regular season performances. He’s more of a postseason guy

Even so, Brady achieved quite a bit over the course of his career in weeks 1 through 17, and he maintained that at the age of 43 in 2020 (Of course, ancient in football, we all know 43 is the new 34) / p>
Brady ended his 2020 season with a day of four touchdowns and 399 yards to help the Buccaneers hit an 11-5 record, which is a huge improvement from a team that ended 7-9 a season ago Year to year

Personally, Brady finished third in the NFL in the past (behind Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes) and second in the drive past (only behind the surefire MVP Aaron Rodgers)

Sunday’s four touchdowns brought Brady’s season to 40, only the second time he has hit that mark in his illustrious career. He completed 401 passes, making his second-highest overall season his 4th633 yards marked the fifth-highest overall season of his career. By comparison, Brady threw 56 yards fewer and eight fewer touchdowns when he won the NFL MVP Award in 2017 at the age of 40 (Brady threw four fewer picks that year)

And compared to everyone else who tried to play at that age? It’s really no comparison

That’s not exactly breaking news, as it has been clear since September that Brady was different from his 43-year-old predecessors, but now that it’s officially over, here’s the final comparison.As you will see by the birth dates, Brady is the only one who, as a 43-year-old, spent the whole season

Tom Brady, 2020 (43 years old on Aug 3) 16 games, 16 starts, 11-5 record 401-for-610, 657 percent completion rate
4.633 yards, 76 Y / A, 2896 J / G
40 TDs, 12 INTs
102 Evaluation of 2 passers-by

George Blanda, 1970
(43 years old on Sept. 17)
14 games, 0 starts
29-for-55, 527 percent graduation rate
461 meters, 84 J / A, 329 J / G
6 TDs, 5 INTs
794 passers-by rating

Doug Flutie, 2005
(43 years old on Oct. 23)
5 games, 0 starts
5-for-10, 50 percent graduation rate
29 meters, 29 J / A, 58 J / G
0 TDs, 0 INTs
562 passers-by rating1 sick drop kick

Vinny Testaverde, 2006
(43 years old on Nov. 13)
3 games, 0 starts
2-for-3, 667% percent completion rate
29 meters, 97 J / A, 97 J / G
1 TD, 0 INT
1375 passers-by rating

Warren Moon, 1999 *
(* Was opened on Nov. 43 years old 18; his solitary appearance came on Nov. 7)
1 game
1 for 3 (333%)
20 meters, 67 years, 20 years
0 TDs, 0 INTs
576 Passers-by rating

The quartet of the other 43-year-olds started zero games together, so it wasn’t a big competition Obviously with this very short break between week 17 and the oversized wildcard weekend, however, it is worth pointing out the historical significance and complete lack of Prioritize what just happened in Tampa

(If you look ahead, Moon, Testaverde and Blanda played at 44. They combined 10 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.They went 2-5 as starters and finished 534 percent of their passes, that is, except for a sudden loss of limb Brady to be able to easily make history again in 2021)

Here in New England, Brady’s 2020 success questions how the team handled the end of Brady’s career Brady’s performance certainly shows that he has been able to maintain his extremely high level of play, though no one at that age has made it With that in mind, the Patriots – and, to get to the point, Bill Belichick – were determined that a 43-year-old Brady wasn’t worth a contract

At the same time, Brady flourished in Tampa in large part due to the severe offense he had while driving In New England, despite his physical and mental capabilities, there is only so much he could have done in an offense without high-profile reception options (Make no mistake about the difficulty of jumping into a completely new system with new teammates and new coaches with no normal training camp and no preseason)

Last year was an indication that in 2019 he threw 24 touchdowns and eight interceptions His 4th057 yards was his lowest total since 2010, and his touchdown total was tied for his third-lowest mark ever (in 2016 he threw 28 touchdowns in just 12 games Brady could still do the throws, but he couldn’t do magic The Patriots ended the Season 4: 4 and lost their only playoff game

With that in mind, the Patriots’ mistake wasn’t necessarily abandoning Tom Brady, the mistake was that a crime worsened over time, losing over several years to Rob Gronkowksi, Brandin Cooks, Danny Amendola, and even Chris Hogan with no adequate replacement added.Some efforts have been made – N’Keal Harry, Josh Gordon, Mohamed Sanu, Antonio Brown – but none worked out in the short or long term for various reasons

And so there is only so much lamentation in the New England area that Brady can reasonably depart.On the one hand, it would have been ideal for the Patriots to keep their place as the elite offensive team with Brady at the helm until he doesn’t take the ship could control more physically.But in the real world, a 43-year-old Brady would have essentially wasted his time for the second year in a row if he’d stayed in New England just to stay in New England

Right now, anyone in the football world can just take a step back and be amazed at an accomplishment never before achieved in the history of the sport. Sure, what Brady does in the playoffs is going to mean a lot more and of a lot bigger one Be interested But just because of the story and the physical abilities, the 2020 season, written by Tom Brady, was downright unbelievable

Tom Brady

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