Las Vegas Raiders broad receiver Nelson Agholor, 15, catches a pass against the Denver Broncos in the first half of an NFL soccer game Sunday Jan 3, 2021, in Denver

Four weeks ago, the Raiders thought they were preparing for a postseason game, instead they are preparing for the off-season after a disastrous 3-1 season end (including three home defeats in a row) and are hoping a few experts will -Improvements will help the team get into the playoffs in 2021

There are some things that we already know for sure about this team by 2021: Derek Carr will be the quarterback, Jon Gruden will be the coach and the offensive will score points And that certainty is reassuring as a base, but there are also questions

More than any single step the team takes over the next eight months, the person they hire as defensive coordinator will have the most impact

The team desperately needs a defined vision on this side of the ball regardless of whether they are looking for a 4-3 zone coverage type like current Falcons interim coach Raheem Morris or a 3-4 one-gap type like Wade Phillips decide, the raiders need a clear blueprint for the type of defense system they want to operate and the setting must be made in good time so that the new development cooperation can have a say in the free hand and on the draft, as the next coordinator should be almost autonomous. to build up the defense the way he imagines it

Gruden is likely to be amenable to this agreement Between the freedom to run the defense, rallying young talent on the roster, and the laser focus on adding defensive players to the draft, the Raiders Coordinator job should be appealing to outside candidates

And the bar is very low, the Raiders finished in almost every major defensive category at or near the bottom of the league in 2020 Therefore, the improvement only needs to be gradual – for example from the 32nd Defense on No. 1 22 – to get the team into the playoffs

The Raiders signed Nelson Agholor late last off-season to add depth and veteran presence to the reception corps, but by the end of the season the veteran had made his way into the No. 1 paves 1 roll, 48 passes for a career high of 896 yards, and eight touchdowns He also finished second in the league in yards per reception (186) It was a homemade signature

It won’t be that easy this off-season after a bad campaign in Philadelphia in 2019, the Raiders were able to win Agholor for a team-friendly 1-year contract worth $ 1 million This time there will be a lot more applicants, which means that Agholor will be more expensive

As mentioned earlier, Team Agholor signed an insurance policy in case the young recipients weren’t ready for prime time, and after seeing Henry Ruggs and Bryan Edwards strive to contribute as newbies, the Raiders can’t either rest assured the teens are ready for prime time next year

Las Vegas needs to be careful about an extension for Agholor as consistency wasn’t his pro-level calling card but, given the condition of the team’s receivers, can the Raiders afford to let him go?

The Raiders started the last off-season with a lot of space They have to be more frugal this year than OverTheCapcom estimates they have just under $ 5 million in space unless they make more space, maybe by losing one of their biggest contracts …

And it just so happens that one of the team’s highest-paid players – and the highest-paid legal device in the entire league – appears prepared to be thrown off Trent Brown, who faces a massive 4-year-old ahead of the 2019 season. Having struck a deal over $ 66 million, played just five games this season, and while his absence may have hampered the team while the game was in progress, the offense seemed to be fine without him

Las Vegas could save $ 14 million against the cap next year by cutting Brown. Honestly, it seems almost academic at this point, especially since some of that money is for keeping Agholor and adding one (or two ) Veteran starters could be used for defense

During his Friday press conference after it was announced that Brown would miss his eleventh game of the season, Gruden said the team expected Brown to set the standard in his position and said he would be back next year will be

“It’s undoubtedly disappointing,” Gruden said. “It’s very disappointing. We brought him here and paid him to be the Lebron James of the right tackles and he had a lot of adversity. He had injuries, a number of injuries and it undoubtedly hurt our soccer team but that’s part of that business and for now we’re going to play the next man but we hope to get Trent back and be ready for next season he’s a great player he’s a great soccer player he just needs to get well and stay healthy ”

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