The athlete previously told PEOPLE that such fan interactions happen “quite often”

On Thursday, the former professional skateboarder (52) shared a fun encounter he had while recently being tested for the coronavirus with his children (they were all negative, he assured) Hawk has four children: Riley (28), Spencer (21), Keegan (19) and Kadence (12) One of the employees at the test site couldn’t believe he was the famous athlete

Hawk said on Twitter that he was “at a test site in Covid (with masks) handing me paperwork & two of my children: woman looking over papers: ‘Okay Anthony, Keegan and Kadence Falke? Are you related to Tony Hawk? ‘”

Hawk wrote, “Me: Yes, she: ‘Are you pulling my leg?’ Me: No, we are all directly related to him “

Hawk added that she then just “pointed us at our ‘swab’ and that was it, True Story Oh and we were all negative”

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Hawk is often mistaken for other celebrities – and often sums up the laughing fan encounters on Twitter in a playful way. Back in February, after it was announced that Hawk is the celebrity in the elephant costume of The Masked Singer, he opened up to PeopleTV, to be confused with other famous faces

“The misunderstanding is that I am complaining that I am not recognized. I don’t really care. I don’t expect anyone to know who I am,” he said at the time. “I grew up a skateboarder, not cool when skateboarding was so none of that was what I was aiming for. But when it happens I find it fun to share “

Previously, in June 2019, Hawk told PEOPLE that the fun fan interactions “happen quite a lot” “

“Honestly, I stopped sharing every encounter because a lot of them are redundant but mostly because they are there to check your ID,” he said at the time, “My ID says Anthony, that’s my real name, no one has ever called me Anthony in my life but that sets the bar of confusion and then they see me and are used to seeing me at a younger age because maybe you only knew me from video game days 20 years ago “

Hawk said he’ll have the perfect comeback if he gets a little name recognition

“I actually got people to say,” Oh, like Tony Hawk, like the skateboarder “I said,” Yeah, just like that “and they said,” Oh, I wonder what he’s up to these days “my answer it says, “He can do it,” and they still are It’s not registered, “he said

Tony Hawk

World News – USA – Tony Hawk shares a funny fan moment while receiving the COVID test: “Are you pulling my leg?”