The former president will make his first lengthy remarks since leaving office ahead of the Conservative Annual Conference in February 28

Former President Donald J Trump will speak at the Conservative CPAC event on February 28, his first public appearance and long speech since he left the White House one last time

A senior advisor to Mr. Trump confirmed that he would be attending the Conservative Public Action Conference taking place in Orlando, Florida, and that he planned to speak on the future of the Republican Party as well as President Biden’s immigration policy aimed at “Mr. Trumps.” / p>

What Mr Trump plans to talk about it, and what he ultimately says when he’s on stage often falls apart as he discards scripts that the helpers prepare for him

But it will be the first time since fatal January that he has spoken in a public setting 6 riot of his supporters in the Capitol

The former president, who has been permanently banned from Twitter and is facing an investigation into his business and guilty of the Capitol attack, has generally held back, save for a small round of interviews with personable news outlets about the Radio host Rush Limbaugh died last week.Although the interviews were actually about Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Trump was still reiterating his false claims that the 2020 election had been stolen from him

But CPAC has traditionally been a cattle cry for Republican candidates for office, as well as emerging figures in the Und Mr. Trump has been signaling to several allies and advisers over the past few days that he is focused on becoming president again in 2024

Whether he actually does is an open question but his presence could freeze the field for the next two years, preventing other candidates from having operations and, more importantly, developing networks of donors to sustain their candidacies. p>

Mr Trump is currently in a fight with Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, over the future of the party and which candidates it will attract Mr McConnell has made it clear that he would like to try Mr. Trump’s influence after the deadly uprising

But Mr. Trump has said he will try to encourage candidates who move his policies forward

The CPAC conference is the event that took place a year ago in Washington, DC., Mr Trump delivered a speech in which he downplayed the threat posed by the novel coronavirus and insisted that his administration was in control of the situation when a New Jersey man who attended the conference tested positive for the virus and resolved A mess with officials of the American Conservative Union who chaired the conference

Within two weeks of Mr. Trump’s speech, the pandemic, was a full blown crisis that ultimately engulfed his government.The government’s failed response to the virus was a key issue for voters in the 2020 elections


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