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Donald Trump speaks to reporters as he receives Republican Congress leaders and cabinet members in the Oval Office (Doug Mills / Getty Images)

Jeb Bush himself is not an eloquent man as a member of a political dynasty that is characterized by its verbal ineptitude. However, a comment he made during his presidential candidacy in 2015 is worth preserving: He described Donald Trump as a “chaos candidate “Who is likely to become a” Chaos President, “Trump has indeed ruled in a tumultuous manner – and with one month left, his government becomes increasingly shambolic

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On Tuesday there were a number of stories highlighting the growing chaos in the White House. Barbara Starr, Pentagon reporter at CNN, reported, “It’s only about 30 days before the US military watches its current commander-in-chief, it’s growing Concern in the ranks about what Trump might do in the remaining days Will the president order unexpected military action, such as a strike against Iran, or will he somehow involve the military in his efforts to overturn the election results? ”

On the same day, Trump used his pardon power on his political friends, convicted Republican politicians and war criminals, The New York Times reported, “In a bold round of pardons before Christmas, President Trump on Tuesday granted two people involved in the Russia investigation into the Special envoy had pleaded guilty to grace three corrupt former Republican members of Congress “

Eventually, Trump rounded off the day by denouncing the stimulus bill, which he had already approved, as a “shame.” He strongly hinted that he could veto the bill, “It’s called the Covid Relief Bill, but has.” almost nothing to do with Covid, “said Trump in a video.” I am asking Congress to change this bill and reduce the ridiculously low $ 600 to 2000 USD to increase ”


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Ironically, Trump’s request for a larger check is the position Democrats have held for many months. While Trump’s apparent attempt to destroy the existing deal threatens to wreak havoc on the government, it also opens up the option for Democrats of either a lot Getting a better economic deal, or at least gaining a political advantage over the Republicans, with two crucial Senate races in Georgia just two weeks away, determining which party has the majority in the Senate, Democrats stand a chance of seeing Republican candidates as stingier than the standard bearer to designate their own party

On CNN, Georgia Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff was quick to pick up on Trump’s remarks, “President Trump is unpredictable and everywhere, as always, but he’s right on that point tonight. $ 600 is a joke You should check the American people now Ossoff went on to pin his opponent David Perdue for defying an earlier round of stimulus checks, and Democratic compatriot Raphael Warnock has a similar argument against his opponent Kelly Loeffler put forward

In a cage train, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to take Trump’s rhetoric at face value to force him to do it justice. “Republicans have repeatedly refused to say what amount the President wanted for direct controls “, tweeted Pelosi.” Finally the president has 2$ 000 approved – Democrats ready to unanimously bring it up this week Let’s do it! ”Topic

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Why would Trump initiate a turnaround in stimulus funding that harms Republicans? It’s partly a pattern, as Ossoff suggests, with Trump’s longstanding mess

But Trump has also broken loose for a new reason: He no longer needs a close alliance with Republicans in Congress During his presidency, Trump held a de facto treaty with GOP leaders in which he micromanaged issues like tax cuts and ceding court appointments in return for keeping Trump and his administration safe from oversight and investigation

But with Trump as the lame duck president, that deal is no longer beneficial to Trump.Trump might oppose the fact that GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell are not backing efforts to reverse election results on the incentive to vote Trump’s long-term Interests no longer match those of the GOP If he ran for president again in 2024, it would be helpful if he could say he tried to provide a generous incentive but was thwarted by Congress

MSNBC host Chris Hayes has speculated in this direction:

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The reason, the main reason there wasn’t a deal sooner with a higher price, was because Trump * completely * ignored the entire negotiation, it was always clear that he could get a deal with a number closer to Pelosis, if he really cared about it and wanted to lean on Senate R’s But he didn’t! Because he didn’t care. And after the elections, he literally spent all of his political capital trying to overthrow American democracy. He was very focused on that task! There is no official who is too low to lobby! Why did he just decide to suddenly pay attention? I think Occam’s razor is * kidding McConnell * He’s pissed off that McConnell recognized Biden’s victory and this is his revenge. The strongest opposition to $ 2,000 checks is McConnell’s own caucus This blows McConnell’s deal and screws up Loeffler and Purdue, now off the beaten track, Pelosi is right to call the bluff slide as far as possible and force a showdown between Trump and McConnell because ultimately this is a big fight that must take place before this era ends

Pelosi’s game is the one and could pay off in several ways for the Democrats If Trump rejects the offer, his own bad management and dishonesty will be highlighted If the Republicans cut the deal it will hurt them in Georgia and in future elections If Trump and the Senate GOP go along, there will be a much bigger incentive

The danger is that a robust new incentive will be an accomplishment Trump can bet on in 2024.But even in that case, driving a wedge between Trump and the Republicans in Congress offers enough immediate benefits to avoid the risk To Be Worthy As the Bible says, Evil Reaches Out To This Day Pelosi should now be pushing for strong business

Jeet HeerTwitterJeet Heer is national affairs correspondent for The Nation and author of In Love with Art: Francoise Mouly’s Adventures in Comics with Art Spiegelman (2013) and Sweet Lechery: Reviews, Essays and Profiles (2014)

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