TV therapist Dr Laura Berman calls for justice after her son dies of an apparent overdose, grieving family believes their son bought drugs from someone on Snapchat

“I want justice to be done I want this person to be found,” says Dr Berman

She says to FOX 11, “What we got from his friends, the police, and the evidence so far, is that he was experimenting with a substance they believe had fentanyl added to it when I did found it was him”was gone”

TV therapist Dr Laura Berman calls for justice after her son dies of an apparent overdose, grieving family believes their son bought drugs from someone on Snapchat

Berman believes her 16-year-old son was the victim of a drug dealer on Snapchat who sold him a counterfeit prescription drug that she describes as Xanax with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid pain reliever

Laura’s husband Sam Chapman last spoke to the teenager after yelling from above, “Dad make me a cheeseburger, which I did Then I went upstairs and brought it to him Told him I loved him He played his computer games He told me he loved me too And I went back downstairs not knowing it was going to be the worst day of my life “

Bill Bodner is the responsible DEA special agent in LA. He told FOX 11: “We have confiscated over a million of these pills in the last 12 months”

Bodner says what could have happened to Sam Berman Chapman allegedly happens to many other children across the country.Fake pills posted on social media look just like real Xanax or something else but are usually and can be fentanyl be fatal

He says, “It’s something made in a dirty secret laboratory in Mexico There is no quality control The dosage is extremely inconsistent It only takes 25 mg of fentanyl to kill you”

Responsible DEA special agent Bill Bodner said in the last 12 months, &nbsp, the authorities had confiscated over a million tablets, similar to the drug, with the television presenter Dr Laura Berman’s teenage son Bodner says what might have happened to Sam Berman reportedly happened to many other children across the country

Bodner says a team of cyber agents go online every day to search for the bad guys but look for the US. The market was flooded by the Mexican drug cartels

Meanwhile, Berman’s heart is broken. She says, “I didn’t mean to be so public about it, but in my state of helplessness and anger at our son, like many kids targeting Snapchat

“Our deepest condolences go to the family and friends of Samuel Berman Chapman, and his death is heartbreaking

We are committed to working with law enforcement on this and in any case where Snapchat is used for illegal purposes.We have no tolerance for buying or selling illegal drugs on Snapchat using Snapchat for illegal purposes We are strongly violating our Community Guidelines and we are campaigning against these violations.We are constantly improving our technological skills to detect drug-related activity so we can proactively intervene.If you witness any illegal behavior on Snapchat, please report it using our In -App tools quick and confidential so we can take action

We have no higher priority than maintaining a safe environment for Snapchat and we will continue to invest in protecting our community “

Berman says she loved calling her son Sammy. When he was getting older, he wanted her to call him Sam. She says, “He was funny. He was very smart and thoughtful and nice and wanted to live. Had a lot of plans”

Sam’s father says, “I will remember my son as a brilliantly beautiful person who had a lot of ambition and dreams and a lot of intellectual curiosity”

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