More than a dozen potential hopefuls from the 2021 NFL Draft will be on the field next week in Miami for the College Football Playoff National Championship game against two programs that routinely lead the nation in picking The Senior and Undefeated Not only is Alabama armed with two Heisman finalists this season, but the Crimson Tide also features three defensive starts that could be first-round picks

How will the state of Ohio, which some coaches say shouldn’t be in that position, contain the nation’s superpower? The Buckeyes will do it at their own guns, a couple of stars who took center stage in defeating Clemson in the Sugar Bowl on Friday

Speaking of Tigers, quarterback Trevor Lawrence could head to Jacksonville after the Jaguars became the No. 1 secured 1 picks last week Jacksonville-based ESPN analyst Tim Tebow expects his hometown team to be Lawrence with the best picks

“You can just hear Dabo Swinney talking about him and the impact he had on Clemson,” Tebow said last month. “But I also want people to take note – their backup, DJ (Uiagalelei), will be a great player, and he really was, but there is a difference when Trevor is not on the field”There are a lot of stats I could mention but stats don’t do Trevor Lawrence justice because this kid is tough, he’s a leader, he’s the heart and soul of Clemson football right now that’s the difference”

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Updated on Jan 2, here’s a look at Walter Football’s latest mock of the first round ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft:

Walter Football: “Trevor Lawrence is No. 1 locked up 1 selection in the 2021 NFL Draft He has it all and that includes size (6-6, 215), a big arm, accuracy and agility “

Take sport: Do you know what would be really interesting? Adam Schefter reported that two NFL teams have contacted Urban Meyer as their next coach and one of them is Jacksonville. Would he be a good fit for a franchise? Meyer and Lawrence to North Florida with a chance to save the Jaguars in 2021 would be a hell of a good package if it worked

Walter Football: “Justin Fields made the huge mistake of committing Jake Fromm to a program with a talented young quarterback, which is why he was banned from the start”Fields was able to move to the state of Ohio, however, where he dominated his first season. He continued his strong game in the shortened 2020 campaign aside from sloppy performances against Indiana and Northwestern”

Take Sports: The Jets, locked up at # 2 overall, will have their pick of non-Trevor Lawrence quarterbacks if they want to go there, whether it’s Fields at this point or some other high-profile caller, New York missed its attempt to win Lawrence over by winning games this season, however, the franchise would have to part ways with Sam Darnold for this to work

247Sport-Take: While it’s subjective, Sewell has the lowest bust potential of any player available in the 2021 draft, and Miami needs to build a protective wall around franchise player Tua Tagovailoa better protection will be a sometimes inconsistent crime , maybe on a higher level – or so hopes Miami

247Sport-Take: NFL teams haven’t seen Rousseau on the field in more than a year As with other opt-outs this fall, what he’s doing at the NFL Combine and Pro Day in Miami will be a key eye-test moment for the Quality Pass Rusher

Walter Football: “Joe Burrow had a great rookie year before his injury. The Bengals have to build around him and they could improve on any position except running back with this pick that includes recipient as AJ Green won’t be on the list next year Cincinnati’s offense would be very explosive with Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins outside and Tyler Boyd in the slot “

247Sport-Take: This is the highest value Horn has seen in the pre-draft, but he’s certainly capable of premiere cornerback in the first round. Caleb Farley of Virginia Tech and Patrick Surtain of Alabama will be slightly above that in this draft too have to say, CB1 Horn has turned off Auburns Seth Williams this season and some of the SEC’s better wideout guns he signed off in the middle of the campaign to avoid injuries on a 2-8 team

Walter Football: “The Lions have to deal with every defensive position, and that includes the front line, which suffered some off-season losses prior to 2020, Kwity Paye has a chance to move into the top half of the first round He has shown some advantages in his only year as a starter “

Sports take: Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has to stall with all of these ridicules reckoned as college football’s top recipient of New York City for the past 20 years, Smith tries, the first pass catcher since To become Desmond Howard in 1991, who wins the Heisman this week after a statistically conspicuous campaign in Alabama. He is an elite-speed field bearer

Walter Football: “Both Robby Anderson and Curtis Samuel face free agents The Panthers need some new weapons to mate with Teddy Bridgewater Kyle Pitts is a matchup nightmare as he’s too quick for linebackers and for security too big is “

Take Sports: If There’s A Weakness In Parson’s Game We Don’t See It He’s a minor player who should have no problem becoming an instant next-level star. Denver took Von Miller at No. 2 overall a decade ago and has since enjoyed the fruits of his labor, Parsons could be the next big thing for the Broncos

Take sport: How many quarterbacks are selected in the first round? According to most analysts, Lance will be ahead of No. 20 pick and Walter Football’s gurus agree.While his gaming experience is limited, Lance’s obvious skills as a double-threat playmaker could work at the next level in Washington moved away from Dwayne Haskins last month and is being moved looking for a new leader in the market

Taking Sports: A Potential Link Between Baker Mayfield and Waddle in Cleveland? Waddle’s stocks have lost a smidge since his ankle injury last season, but he’ll get a chance to prove himself during the off-season evaluation process.It’s hard to imagine that Waddle and teammate DeVonta Smith aren’t top-notch

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