Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating the holidays Enjoy it but make time for soccer in the afternoon

The Vikings are in New Orleans to take on the Saints (3:30 p.m. Central Time, FOX) in a rare NFL game on Friday afternoon today, and although Minnesota’s playoff dreams against the Bears last Sunday were as good as Having died, they’re not mathematically finished with a win over the Saints, the Vikings can keep their feeble hopes alive and create positive momentum for their regular season finale next week in Detroit, it would also be Minnesota’s fourth win over the Saints in five tries in the last four seasons, a series that includes two exciting playoff wins

Aside from the postseason impact, there are many interesting storylines from a Vikings perspective What Will Justin Jefferson, Irv Smith Jrand Cameron Dantzler on their return to their home state of Louisiana? Can Jefferson make a statement in the Offensive Rookie of the Year race and maybe even break Randy Moss’ franchise record for rookie yards (he needs 132 more)? Does the exhausted Viking linebacker corps have any chance of stopping Alvin Kamara?

For the Saints, this game is about getting revenge for last season’s playoff loss and chasing the No. 1 to stay alive 1 seed in the NFC

So who does the job? Spoiler alert: most people ride the Saints as seven-point favorites, so let’s start my prediction and then see what the national experts think

I was tempted to pick the Vikings here because it would be very hot for them to get a difficult, formidable win after they were more or less eliminated from the playoff competition, and they also seem to have in recent years, 2018, always finding a way to beat the saints I just don’t think it will happen this time with Eric Kendricks, Jalyn Holmes, Todd Davis, and Troy Dye, the sad Seven of the Vikings will be relying on several Practice Squad-type players, which is bad news against Drew Brees, Kamara and Latavius ​​Murray Also, Trey Hendrickson and Cam Jordan should ravage Kirk cousins. The Vikings will hang around for a while, but the Saints will retire late. On the other hand, what do I know?

We’re likely to hit the final games of Drew Brees’ career, a reality where everyone around this Saints team is tense after losing two games to the last version of Brees, no better than Taysom Hill, but the one Rust Might Break Up Against a Viking Team With Little Passport Even more important for this Christmas Day game of revenge, Kirk Cousins’ roller coaster season is prepared to clash against a strong front of the Saints

The Saints don’t have to worry about losing to the Vikings in this year’s playoffs The Saints have to worry about losing to the Vikings on Christmas Day

The NFL’s Christmas offer features a Vikings team that doesn’t have much to play for versus a Saints team that is still battling for home advantage in the playoffs I don’t see this one around

I’m not feeling good with Minnesota’s morale after a season destruction against the Chicago Bears Now they have to face the No. 2 rated D on DVOA When the Saints took a rare late-season loss last December, they rebounded with a 34-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts this might have a similar feeling

The Saints have lost two games in a row, but Drew Brees looked more like him in the second half against the Chiefs that will play out here against a Viking defense that doesn’t rush passerby looking for the Saints’ defense to get back on track too The Saints lost in the playoffs at home to the Vikings last year but that won’t be the case in this case Saints take it

It’s highly unlikely that Drew Brees will start as terribly as last week when he came back from a month with eleven broken ribs and a lung injury against the Chiefs, starting with an interception and four straight three-and-out games 0 : 6 And yet he and the saints only lost through a field goal against the chiefs. The Vikings, whose playoff chances are infinitely slim, no longer have enough steam in the engine to fend off a Saints team that is still fighting for the title of a division and the top seed the NFC is fighting

The Bears have scored 30 and 36 goals in consecutive weeks, which makes this interesting. But you never know which Mitch Trubisky you are going to get. Even so, the Vikings are all around better

The Vikings had the Saint number in two of the last three NFC playoffs The Saints may forget to worry about by eliminating the Vikings from the playoffs while also winning a fourth NFC South title in a row You’ve lost to the Eagles and Chiefs in two straight weeks, look for the Saints to lock in while they’re home on vacation, your Run Defense will rebound to contain Dalvin Cook before the pass defense against Kirk Cousins Tees off Drew Brees will take apart the young Vikings secondary school with a stronger second leg

Dan Graziano: The last time I was there these teams played at the Superdome and Minnesota won it to advance in last season’s playoffs The Saints are the better team but Drew Brees saw on Sunday (understandably) rusted out, he’s playing in a short week and Minnesota is the more desperate team and has reason to believe it can beat the Saints in New Orleans A Christmas Shocker in the Bayou

Jeremy Fowler: Minnesota can beat or lose to anyone just ask the Packers who were hit by the Vikings running game in week 8 The Saints passing game still looks a little shaky without Michael Thomas, and the Vikings got in five games against teams with 10 or more wins a respectable minus 22 points. Plus, Minnesota has played with too much pride under Mike Zimmer over the years to fall to 6-9

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