[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “WandaVision” Episode 9, the series finale “The Series Finale” ”]

While there are loads of charged lines and piercing looks (courtesy of Kathryn Hahn), there are two harrowing emotional moments in the “WandaVision” finale. The first is the inevitable end. MCU fans probably knew from the start, and that The rest of us caught up with Vision (Paul Bettany) soon enough that his past deaths could not be ignored, and his resurrection could not be made permanent through magic or even through the android’s lovable attempts to understand his true identity (For a moment when Good Vision and White Vision were mired in logic, it felt like they were somehow merging into a real, updated version and flying home to their happy family)

Nonetheless, showrunner and episode writer Jac Schaeffer deserves credit for making this farewell with grace and power. Although no parting words between Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision were comparable to the all-timer from episode 8, they didn’t have to That moment was the real highlight of the series, and their last sentence together gave enough faith in their bond without promising an idyllic reunion. “We’ve already said goodbye once,” says Vision, as their shrinking hex approaches them, “so lies it’s close – “” – we’ll say hello again, “replies Wanda, completing the feeling


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As Vision disappears along with the rest of Wanda’s magically made house, the look on Olsen’s face isn’t an expression of fear, but of love. Wanda’s attitude, standing in much empty land, serves as a necessary bookend for the last time But when Wanda’s face falls, she accepts what she’s lost and walks back through town. There she sees the residents of Westview again, whom she called for days and weeks Has held hostage Your looks do not reflect admiration, appreciation or even relief. You are and should be angry

“You will never know what you sacrificed for her,” says Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) to Wanda. “It won’t change the way you see me,” she replies

Should it? Wanda inflicted severe trauma on these people Back when Agatha (Kathryn Hahn) “cut the strings” so these citizens could speak freely, Dottie (Emma Caulfield Ford), whose real name is Sarah, asked the superhero, “[her daughter ] from her room Another resident says, “Your grief poisons us” Vision’s former colleague Norm (Asif Ali) says to Wanda: “If you let us sleep, we will have your nightmares”

This scene marks the other – possibly longer-lasting – moment of the finale. Losing the autonomy, free will and identity of a person – that is a tough act that one has to deal with as an accident. Shortly afterwards, Agatha agrees Wanda: “Heroes don’t torture people” to which Wanda counters: “The difference between you and me is that you did this on purpose” Except … what exactly did Agatha do? In the flashback to 1693 it was implied that she was her dark Used magic for illegal purposes, but here in the present she was just hiding in Westview, trying to understand Wanda’s powers and then stealing them. Should a witch in Agatha’s position really have done anything else? Wanda tortured these people. Somebody had to stop her, and no one else could get into the hex for the longest time. Agatha may have done some bad things when she stole Wanda’s powers, but other than her evil E nsemble and her evil laugh (which, my god, makes Rooster so good), all she had really done was kidnap Wanda’s imaginary children and kill her dog

Well, sure, Agatha had to be stopped because she couldn’t be trusted And SW.ÖRD. Director Hayward (Josh Stamberg) was arguably an even worse guy, although a suit with a gun could never be a formidable villain for Wanda. But therein lies the disturbing paradox in “WandaVisionWanda was both the heroine and the villain. She was responsible for everything and.” she was the one who saved the day Schaeffer and her writing team did an admirable job in advocating for the fight, and Hahn made a great opposing force, but the show made an effort to resolve Wanda’s actions when her punishing hers It was also a reward to have that extra time with Vision and her children mentally leaving Westview better than entering, but everyone else in this town will be mentally scarred forever after those nightmares you can imagine going into the night To go to bed? Can you imagine going back to your normal life after being deprived of it in the blink of an eye? Why couldn’t that happen again when the person in charge is still out there?

Eventually, the MCU will answer some of these questions, at least when it comes to Wanda’s fault. But that is what makes evaluating “WandaVision” so difficult It’s not actually a limited series, it’s part of the bigger picture of the MCU It’s a chapter in a never-ending novel, not a full story that revolves around its main character Anyone who complained that it was taking Wanda too long to face their grief, they were asked to watch the previous films, which would help secure the emotional leash that had slacked on the show for so long. Likewise, anyone disappointed with this resolution could be told he should just wait, Wanda’s story continues and they’ll pick up on those parts down the line

The MCU has always been episodic. This construction was its not-so-secret strength in piecing together its movie universe. “WandaVision” divided its episode into nine parts, but it’s still just part of a bigger story. Episode 8 showed Wanda’s connection to TV sitcoms, why she created one for herself it showed the temptation to escape reality to a safe world where everything would always be fine. But it also showed why one cannot stay in that reality forever why you have to live your life as long as you can, accepting the good with the bad while fighting for as much good as you can control Episode 9 simply carries out these lessons as Wanda makes peace with reality and focuses on the Way into the future makes This is television It goes on and whether this story continues in future films or in further series, be it this way

A sticking point, however, has to be that “WandaVision” focuses on mental health, but only as much as it benefits the hero. Wanda took over Westview and created her sitcom life in response to her excruciating sadness by taking life lived what was denied her (and awakened to her false reality), she found a way forward “What is grief if not love that endures?” Wanda holds out, but what about the injured people she left behind? Where do you go from here? “WandaVision” gives his hero a suitable journey, but by referring to Wanda’s actions as a “victim” he also lets his villain off the hook

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