“You said to me,’ Damn, you’re right on your career high ‘, that’s 34 points,” said Boston Celtics star striker Jaylen Brown of his 42-point career against the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday / p>

“I winked at Brad, can I get two more minutes? Let Me Get Out Of There “With that responsibility Brad placed on me, I wanted to make sure I was still playing basketball properly,” he added. And while some of the recordings Brown made would not have been advisable under normal circumstances, it was clear that the native Georgian was not having a normal game

If you’ve missed Brown hanging 42 points on a understaffed Grizzlies team, or just want to experience the outspoken hits forward like the tire is as wide as an ocean, check out the video embedded above

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Jaylen Brown

World news – USA – WATCH: Jaylen Brown’s career highlights against Memphis Grizzlies 3012th

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