Alabama Runs Back Najee Harris shows Heisman voters why he earned the finalist award at the start of the first half of the college football playoff showdown on Friday’s Notre Dame

Harris made his signature jump over a defender in the middle of the first quarter on the way to a 53-yard win. The Crimson Tide would score 14-0 in the next game

Harris has managed to finish his signature weapon several times this season, often going for the hurdle as he approaches the defenders

Before the game, ESPN college football analyst Joey Galloway explained what makes Harris “unstoppable” as a college football ball carrier

“That’s why this offense is so unstoppable right now and all season,” Galloway said during an in-studio segment last week. “What are you going to do? You have Najee Harris leading the country on quick touchdowns … His Ability to catch the ball from the backcourt, he’s caught 32 passes this season in addition to the roaring touchdowns That’s why he’s a differentiator and why this offense was so explosive Who are you going to take with you? They have DeVonta Smith out there and Jaylen Waddle was injured and is unrelated to that offense and they did not miss a single blow

“Najee Harris can come out of the background and catch passes now … He’s Probably Not Getting the Amount of Loan He Deserves Najee Harris is rarely attacked by a man. And I think when you talk about running backs, that’s key how you can miss many people and how many meters do you get after contact? Najee Harris is great at ”

Harris, who leads the nation among FBS players with 24 quick touchdowns, won in No. 1 Shown an Epic Performance 1 Alabama’s 52-46 win over Florida in the SEC Championship Game Harris made five touchdowns (three received) that night and ended with a total of 245 yards on attack

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Najee Harris

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