The Weeknd’s halftime show at Super Bowl 55 contained so many of his hits – Starboy, I Can’t Feel My Face, I Feel It Coming, and blinding lights were among them

But there was the selfie camera angle that made everyone watching at home very dizzy on the positive side of it was that it was made for a fun meme.As our Nate Scott wrote, the 2021 halftime show was always difficult , but it was a reminder that The Weeknd has a number of really good songs including the finale with its latest big hit

Charles is a writer for For The Win He once dropped a light foul ball at Shea Stadium and was 35000 angry Mets fans booed (and has not recovered from it)

A prominent South Carolina sport fishing captain marked his first great white shark of 2021 on Thursday after he and a customer hooked the same thing (…)

This statistic sums up Patrick Mahomes’ wild and early success, even with a Super Bowl loss

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