West Virginia ends its season with a 6-4 record and wins its first bowl game under head coach Neal Brown by defeating Army 24- 21 in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl

Army won the coin toss and decided to move to 2 Half, giving West Virginia the ball to start the game

The climbers moved the ball right across the field, mostly on Leddie Brown’s legs, but the Army locked down and forced a field goal attempt on the opening drive. Kicker Tyler Sumpter missed a 37-yard field goal, but the defense of West Virginia put the ball back on the offensive just three games later

Junior quarterback Jarret Doege held the ball too long and made his first mistake of the day by intercepting Javhari Bourdeau The Army had a great field position starting in West Virginia but the climbers defensive line dominated the scrimmage line and forced Downs to make a turnover

Leddie Brown, on her next trip with a 9-yard run on Jan. Things got rolling for the offensive in West Virginia, followed by a defensive holding call that allowed the climbers an automatic first down on the next game, Doege found a wide-open Sean Ryan for a 28-yard pickup who held the ball inside Moved down the Army’s 17-yard line Once again, the mountaineers’ offensive stalled and had to track down Tyler Sumpter for another field goal attempt.This time Sumpter threw it from 31 yards to get the first three points of the game. p>
The Army eventually found their stand offensively by running the ball outward rather than into the teeth of the West Virginia Defense. The Black Knights ate more than seven minutes before the clock on a 74-yard 14-game scoring drive which resulted in a 1-yard touchdown from quarterback Tyhier Tyler

West Virginia put together a nice follow-up ride in response to Doege and the passing game. True newbie Sam Brown had his coming-out party and caught three passes on the 42-yard ride The 2 Catch was for Winston Wright Jr Certainly though it got tossed a bit high, flipped off his hands, and in Brown’s Later on the Drive, Doege dropped one in the bucket with Wright as he neared the scrimmage line that meant a win of 18 three games later, Doege linked with TJ Simmons in the end zone to get the climbers back to the top, 10-7

Army couldn’t move the ball, so Neal Brown used all of his time-outs to stop the clock and get the ball back one last time before halfway. Unfortunately, the climbers backfired with a Jarret Doege fumbling within 10 who was salvaged by Ryan Duran thanks to a 6-yard rush from quarterback Tyhier Tyler, it only took Army two games to regain the lead

The Black Knights continued to play on the offensive side of the ball, chewing the first eight minutes of the 3rd Quarter off West Virginia’s defense injured run after run, Tyhier Tyler ran in his third touchdown of the day to give the Army the biggest lead of the day at 21-10

After WVU head coach Neal Brown played 15/25 and flipped the ball twice, he put Jarret Doege on the bench for Austin Kendall The move seemed like the right decision when Kendall led the offensive for a touchdown straight into the field He found Mike O’Laughlin on a short pass near the goal line to make it a one-score game. After five, Brown opted for two to make a three-point deficit, and West Virginia moved the scrimmage line to West Virginia left to set up a screen for T. Simmons, but he dropped the pass and held the game at 21-16

Knowing that time is precious in the second half, Brown called for an onside kick after touching down, and West Virginia security officer Alonzo Addae jumped on it to get the ball back Kendall shot up in the first game the field to Sam James and threw it a little too far To win relegation two, and Kendall tried to beat Wright on Aug. Hitting relegation along the sideline, however, ended up out of bounds

On the next trip in West Virginia, on Jan. down to Bryce Ford-Wheaton and drew the penalty for interfering with the defensive pass to keep the ride alive.Then Kendall faced another third and long pass, completing a 13-yard pass for Sam James for a 14-yard -Winning Kendall stayed in sync and found TJ Simmons in the corner of the end zone for a 20-yard touchdown to bring the climbers back to the top 22-21. Neal Brown went for two to make it a three-point game, and it was successful Kendall started after left and tossed the ball to freshman Reese Smith, who returned it to the right and into the end zone. With 5:10 remaining, West Virginia had a 24-21 lead

After the result, the climbers gave the Black Knights a superb field position with an out of bounds free kick.After Army apparently only knocked football out of the game, Army opened the passing game with a pass from Christian Anderson to Chris Cameron and scored an enormous Win of 32 West Virginia buckled up again, forcing the Army to shoot a 39 yard field goal that Quinn Maretzki missed

The Army had a defensive stop and used all three time outs to get the football back in less than two minutes, however linebacker Josh Chandler-Semedo had the chance to win the game for West Virginia

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World News – USA – West Virginia defeats the Army in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl

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