I opened Twitter for the first time in nine days on Sunday morning and shuddered at the chaos that had undoubtedly created my week of internet avoidance awaiting the usual spate of presidential junk and gritty coronavirus news I wasn’t expecting an investigation into the life and times of Hilaria Baldwin, yoga teacher and podcaster, in the armchair. To this day, I knew next to nothing about Hilaria Baldwin, apart from her marriage to actor Alec Baldwin, I had no idea that she might be one feigning Spanish heritage and a Spanish accent, as her critics currently claim, even though she was born in Boston How did we get here? What’s happening? A case of Lindsay Lohan style accented by osmosis? Just a regular example of linguistic convergence? Who is Hilaria Baldwin? Is that even her real name? What is the truth?

Right, it seems to be a little joke from comedian Amy Schumer who accidentally flipped the first domino and reposted a photo that Baldwin just shared on Instagram. In the picture, Baldwin is holding her 3 month old son Eduardo “Edu “Pao Lucas and wearing lingerie According to People, Schumer reprogrammed (and then deleted) the recording with the following heading:” Gene and I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas Enjoy with all the family members speaking to you this year “Hm! OK! For sure!

But Baldwin didn’t seem to appreciate Schumer’s little joke and responded in a video calling for “body inclusiveness”

“There’s such a thing as, ‘Oh, mothers don’t look like that” – some mothers do, This mother does, And I’m included in the inclusivity, “she insisted. For some observers, it wasn’t the substance of Baldwin’s address, that caught the eye, but rather the accent in which she kept it Strikingly American, which – as some internet detectives have since discovered – is a change from the Spanish accent she has adopted in previous interviews

“You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s dedication to her decades of grift posing as a Spanish person,” noted Twitter user @lenibriscoe on Monday as a long thread started that has since gone viral

You must admire Hilaria Baldwin’s dedication to her decades of grift posing as a Spanish person

As mentioned in “Page 6”, Baldwin’s biography on her agency’s speaker page states: “Baldwin was born in Mallorca, Spain, and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. In a profile for 2018, Hola! The magazine describes her as “born in Spain” and speaks Spanish as her mother tongue. In interviews from the early days of her marriage to Alec, dug up and tweeted by @lenibriscoe, Baldwin speaks with a Spanish accent and in one case appears to forget the English word for “cucumber” ”

In an April interview with Cat and Nat on the MomTruths podcast, Baldwin also said that she “moved here when [she] was 19 to go to NYU. When asked where she moved from, replied Baldwin: “From – my family lives in Spain, they live in Mallorca”

Hilaria Baldwin took part in the #momtruths podcast in April 2020 and said she didn’t move to the US until she was 19 to go to the NYU picTwittercom / s1BojT4XAH

What is actually true: Baldwin’s family – at least her parents, Dr Kathryn Hayward and David Thomas – have been living in Mallorca and according to “Page Six” since 2011 But before that they seemed to have lived in Massachusetts. Our Twitter experts have the following footage of Kathryn Hayward (“former internist at Massachusetts General Hospital”) on their website and talked about her upbringing in Longmeadow and the obituary for Baldwin’s paternal grandfather, which says Thomas “Family presence in … Vermont was older than the American Revolution” Baldwin’s professional trip to Argentina by Baldwin’s grandfather is said to have inspired his children, “the to master Spanish language ”

She claims to have a Spanish mom that’s not true This is her mom talking about growing up in Longmeadow, MA ImageTwittercom / mEiSjTMkpV

But Baldwin’s parents don’t appear to be Spanish, and the Cambridge School of Weston (a private high school in Cambridge, Massachusetts) names Hilaria Baldwin as an alumnus, which would suggest she lived in the U.S before 19 Birthday According to people who claim they went to school with Baldwin – some of whom tweeted according to “Page 6” that she was “an all white Cambridge girl” and “doesn’t have her current accent at this point” – attest that Baldwin used to have a different name: Hillary

From a review of her podcast, this woman also claimed to have moved to the US because she wanted to NYU 😭 BildTwittercom / zuEWMNkTBT

Oddly enough, if you ask Google where Hilaria Baldwin was born, Google delivers a map of Mallorca, and in her IMDb bio it says, “Hilaria Baldwin was born on May 6th January 1984 in Mallorca, Spain, born as Hilaria Lynn Thomas ”Huh!

In an Instagram video posted on Sunday, Baldwin admitted that “some things need to be cleared up” and suggested that her words had been twisted in previous media appearances. Although she was “born in Boston, she is too” another kind of Boston woman “who” spent part of her childhood in Spain “”

“There has been a lot of back and forth my whole life and I’m really happy that I grew up with two languages,” she explained, adding that her accent differs depending on the language she speaks More often than not, “When I’ve tried to work, I try to speak a little more, but when I’m nervous or upset I start mixing the two”

As for her name, Baldwin said she used the name Hillary in the U.S and Hilaria in Spain “My parents call me Hilaria, my whole family call me Hilaria,” she noted, and eventually she decided to “consolidate” under Hilaria to minimize confusion. “It’s the same name, just a few letters different, so I think we shouldn’t get so upset about it, “she said,” And whichever way you want to call me, I’ll answer both of them “

Then Baldwin responded to the criticism of claiming a cultural identity that it cannot claim and went on: “Yes, I am a white girl… Europe has a lot of white people there. My family is white. Ethnically I am a mix of many, many, many things; Culturally, I grew up with both cultures. So it’s that simple ”

But That Wasn’t All In a follow-up video released a few hours later, Baldwin tried to “break it down by numbers”

“The first thing I told my husband that I was born in Boston,” she said, “I spent much of my childhood in Spain. My nuclear family lives in Spain and has lived there for a long time. And I came here – I moved a lot, but I came here when I was 19 to go to college ”

“I never said my mother was Spanish, my family is a great mix of so many different things,” she continued. “My thing is to be authentic and when people say I am not authentic am it hurts my feelings I don’t really understand why this is becoming such a big deal – I want to take it seriously, but I also don’t want it to happen suddenly I apologize for who I am Because at this point I feel like I am being attacked for who I am and that no answer is the right answer ”

“I don’t do anything wrong by being me,” added Baldwin, and with that she logged out for what she said, “a long time” (although three hours later, she was back)

But for what purpose I can’t really tell if you clicked the video that actor Alec Baldwin posted on his Instagram on Sunday, you must have been expecting a rousing defense of his wife’s character I bet you did Waiting eagerly all along for his hissing whisper to escalate into a scream of punishment. Strangely enough, however, Alec does not try to erase Hilaria’s name in his more than eight minutes of camera time In fact, he doesn’t mention her name at all

Instead, he railed on various other topics, including Facebook (“a company you should avoid if you could”); Twitter (“a huge orchard full of crap”); Jeffrey Epstein (“I’ve never met Epstein in my life”) and the wrong phone number Alec may have given him (“That’s what we call the dummy line”); the media he distrusts (TMZ and the New York Post are “sewage treatment plants” according to our host); and other things too, but none that lead directly back to the Hilaria affair. The best way to accommodate the situation is to lie aside about how people love to lie about celebrities, or maybe his closing comment: “When you love someone, you want defend him Look at the source ”(The source in the case of Hilaria Baldwin’s origin story is ultimately Hilaria Baldwin, or should we say Hillary?)

So not exactly a vehement defense! To find such a defense, you need to check out his Twitter replies in which he fired a few angry tweets at journalists or venture into one of the quotes Alec has since posted on Instagram – including one, especially from Mark Twain – where he directed his anger at random users in the comments To an antagonistic user who wrote, “I suppose your accent is wrong too? WOMAN! “He advised her to” fuck yourself “With a comment prompting Alec to” please stop offending people who can see clear facts, “he wrote,” She was born in Boston but grew up in Spain Do you have it? “

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Hilaria Baldwin Accent

World News – USA – What’s all the drama about Hilaria Baldwin’s accent?

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